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  1. Never mind Burkhard ! I run again B772MX.exe and everything is in order. Thank you so much for your help and support.
  2. You were right about the folder. There was one more at Simobjects/ Aircrafts. This solved the error message, however the problem with the invisible wings remains.
  3. I have only the sim.cfg in the folder, not the aircraft.cfg. I had some time ago made a copy of B772MX. Do you think that it's because of the backup something got screwed up ?
  4. I've tried it without success. Still the same even at greater distances. Whatsmore during FSX startup there is an error message of multiple objects in the B772MX folder who have the same name ! Now i know that since i just regenerated the B772MX folder that's impossible, so i'm guessing that it's another damn quirk of Acceleration.
  5. Sorry i should have been more clear. Here it is: I'm running XP, DX 9.0c. My GPU is a 8800 GTS on 169.21 Nvidia drivers and the airport is Atlanta's KATL at FSX Acceleration. I haven't been running any third party scenery so the airport is straight out of the box. From other tests that i've made every 772 seems to be facing the same problem. The weird thing is that every other model of the 777 works just fine and that includes the 777-200LR. As i have already stated, some of my older planes presented the same problem when i installed Acceleration. I never thought that the same thing would ha
  6. Just noticed this happening with all the 777-200s. I used to have similar problems after i installed acceleration but with this one i'm at a complete loss.
  7. At first i saw them from the cockpit and then i took the screenshots from the AI view.
  8. No, at the first screenshots i posted my plane was very close to the A340 while it was well within range to the A320.
  9. I decreased the scenery complexity to dense from very dense and traffic to about 25% from 35%. This is what i got at LSZH: The good news is that i didn't notice anything else wrong.
  10. Well, i was observing the airport (VHHH) for quite some time and the wheels didn't move. That particular A340 was docked like that and i pulled up right beside it so that i can take a better look.I don't know if the jetway will dock properly when it actually lands and taxies; i just saw it like that. The weird thing is that today the A330, again at VHHH was spot on with the jetway not like in the screenshots.
  11. Some jetway problems for the new models of 5.1a :
  12. I didn't know that it was an earlier model.Any plans to update it?
  13. Nellis AFB Nevada.Also at Dover AFB Maryland, there are no C-5s or C-17s.
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