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  1. Burkhard, Thank you!! Regards, Bob
  2. Burkhard, Where do we get the v5.3a upgrade? MyTraffic Communicator does show the update but it hangs and does nothing. Regards, Bob
  3. Burkhard, I'm confused. Simmarket states: ATTENTION: INCREMENTAL UPDATE ONLY !! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!!! THIS INCREMENTAL UPDATE IS VALID ONLY FOR THE BOXED MYTRAFFIC X VERSIONS 5.1B, 5.2, 5.2A or AEROSOFT MYTRAFFIC 2010 ! If you have the Boxed version 5.1 or 5.1a, please update to 5.1b before you continue. Purchase qualifies for support through the MyTraffic Forum run by Simmarket and for any further updates and rebates as the full product! However in the requirements section it lists 5.2B. Does this update apply to a downloaded version of MyTrafficX updated to 5.2b or is it strictly for the boxed version of the product? Regards, Bob Edit: Well it appears the update price applies to all owners as I just upgraded. However between what is written in requirements and what is written in the upgrade policy things are confusing.
  4. It was defintely not a memory issue I have 4GB installed (thanks for your input though). I did as Peter suggested, reverted to my backup textures for GEX, reinstalled GEX textures and all is now fine. Thanks Peter!!
  5. That will be the easiest thing for me to try. GEX did backup the textures. I'll try reverting and see if the problem rectifies itself. I went back and looked at every FSX ap crash with the event viewer and the problem most definetly started after the new textures were installed. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to adopt this strategy. Regards Bob
  6. Peter thank you for your prompt reply. I started looking at log files for anything associated with FSX after another CTD this evening. I found these entries in my ASX logfile: 20:06:18: Problem receiving SimConnect data: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC000020D(Error) Source = 20:06:18: FSX connection closed Which apperas to indicate a problem with data from simconnect followed by the crash. After further thinking about the CTDs occuring, I beleive it is only happening when I am receiving real world weather updates (wheter they be via ASX or FSX). Is it possible that something is somehow messed up with simconnect?
  7. I have FSX with Acceleration installed on my system. Up until recently I have had no issues with crashes or lockups of FSX. Within the last few weeks I have added GEX and FSUIPC to my FSX install. Since that time I am experiencing random fatal errors and FSX shutting itself down. I've received numerous fatal errors api.dll and simconnect.dll are two I can remember off the top of my head. However there have been other .dll errors and the fatal errors themselves are totally random. I do not believe GEX to be the issue because its nothing more than textures. Could I possiblly have an isuue with FSX, Vista 32, and FSUIPC not playing nicely together?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, its very frustrating to be on final at the end of a 3 hour flight and have FSX randomly crash.
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