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  1. Maybe some file in the B763FMX folder got corrupted and placed in the 5.4C installer and the corrupted file has nothing to do with the Atlas Air B763F texture set.
  2. Have you tried changing to the 2012 schedules as suggested in this thread? To learn how to do it go to the start of this tread and then read all the posts, the information in how to change to 2012 is in this thread someplace.
  3. You added a new airport that has no traffic and is not reconized by your AI traffic program and FSX so the first step is to modify whatever AI traffic program you are using (WOAI, MTX, etc.) to remove traffic from the old airport and add traffic to the new airport. You have to do this with your AI traffic program, this has nothing to do with STB. Go to the forums of your AI traffic program and get help with this if you need it. STB only looks at traffic bgl's and predicts what is going to happen, STB can not make AI traffic take off and land, that is controlled by FSX and the AI traffic
  4. Go to the folder Scenery\World\Scenery in your main FSX folder. Find file trafficAircraft.bgl and rename to trafficAircraft.bgl.passive
  5. Burkhard, I am on MTX 5.4b and I believe that the MTX AI flys direct from the departure airport to the destination airport. MTX does not use any SID's, STAR's, flight plan with waypoints or any waypoints at all along the way. Can you confirm this or correct me if I am wrong. I am most interested in if MTX uses FSX default waypoints in anyway. I updated the FSX default waypoints from the below link and I want to know if there will be any potential problem. I do not think there will be since I do not think MTX uses waypoints in anyway, but can you please confirm. http://www.aero.s
  6. Well I would like to see some Citation X's added and have more Gulfstreams show up.
  7. Per your above screen shot, if you still have Berlin, Longleat, Instanbul and Reno doubled delete the ones that are at the highest priority,33, 32, 31, etc. Delete them in the FSX scenery library, do not use that SceneryConfigEditor. That somehow duplicated these. For any addon airports that you have added, like Burkhard suggested you need to go into the MTX scenery folder and disable those airports that correspond to the airports you added. If you add an airport, as a general rule you should disable any previous versions of this airport that you have added so you only have one ac
  8. Your scenery priority is messed up. You should have MyTraffic between Propeller Objects and Addon Scenery. Addon Scenery should be below Reno. The three KNXX airports should be above everything else in your scenery library. Since I am not at home I can not give you an exact location where Addon Scenery should be, but I do know that it is just above Propeller Objects and when you install MTX you put My Traffic between the two.
  9. You can, but you do not have to. If you ever make any changes with the MTX Editor just do not change MTX_V54A.myt always make your changes to MTX_V54C.myt. In your FSX My Traffic scenery folder do you have any traffic bgl's for military? You should have two. I am not at home so I can not give you the exact names.
  10. Hi Burkhard, I am installing 5.4b on a new PC. Except for the Baron 58 and Bell 206b I never fly any of the default FSX planes anymore. The default planes that I do not use I am removing from FSX, but any that MTX uses for AI I want to leave. I know that there is a list in the manual of default FSX planes used, but to be frank I do not trust the list since the manual rarely gets updated. So would you please confirm the actual default FSX planes/helos that MTX 5.4b uses for AI. In case you are wondering I never upgraded to 5.4c due to al the problems some people were having plus
  11. Mine says: Name:SuperTrafficBoard V3.1, Version:, Publisher:
  12. A- MyTraffic 2013 is the cutdown Aerosoft boxed version and is supported at Aerosoft, not here. B- I am pretty sure that Pete Dowson uses MTX since I have seem him post in this forum so I suggest that you also post your FSUIPC problems in Pete's support forum and see what he thinks.
  13. I may be a long shot but remove the space between simobjects paths 5 and 6 SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft so it looks like this SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft Make sure that you copy your original fsx.cfg to a safe place before you edit the space between the two lines out. You can open the fsx.cfg with notepad and use notepad to remove the line.
  14. You need to add a ".passive" to the end of the below files highlighted in bold. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\LGTTVD\Scenery\Traffic_lgtt.bgl C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\Traffic_OwlAI_F-104_ITAF_LIPC.bgl C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\Mytrafficclosed.bgl C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\Mytrafficcommercial.bgl C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight
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