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  1. Just after installing 5.12 my display window was 'moved' to the upper left corner and the rest is black??
  2. Normally it is empty, but right now I moved the Trim Wheel a lot further than before and suddenly it kicked in and I was able to assign it. Weird though, but maybe The Trim Wheel needs more movement than joysticks? Thanks for the help. Michael
  3. Yes in Windows the Trim Wheel use an axis. This is my controllers: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=Mad Catz Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel 0.GUID={82413B00-8D72-11E6-8001-444553540000} 1=Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit 1.GUID={07E4ABD0-7E7C-11E6-8009-444553540000} 3=Saitek Cyborg X 3.GUID={07E45DB0-7E7C-11E6-8001-444553540000} Nothing happens when I move the Trim Wheel in FSUIPC. Michael
  4. Hi Thomas Yes, it is listed in the FSUIPC file: 0=Mad Catz Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel 0.GUID={82413B00-8D72-11E6-8001-444553540000} Michael
  5. My new Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel is not recognized in Axis assignments by FSUIPC. I have P3D v3.4 running on Windows 10 and I can use the Trim Wheel in Windows Device settings. If i enable controllers in P3D, then I am able to assign the Trim Wheel, but not in FSUIPC. Michael
  6. Ok, this works if I use the Offset to read the state and then the control 66373 to set. Thanks Pete :)
  7. Well, I used Tracker tool in the LINDA application, which logs both L:Var and Controls. Your example from the DC-3 is exactly like the script I wrote using the Offset 2F68. Value 0 for Off and 1 for On, but it does not work in the F1 Islander. Maybe I should write the script first for the DC-3 to test it? Thanks Michael
  8. I tried to log the L:Var, but nothing came up except the FSX control. The default DC-3 has a Cage button, bottom right under the Horizon indicator. Michael
  9. I use FSX Acceleration and this is for the Flight1 BN-2 Islander. An item on the Shutdown checklist is to Cage the Attitude indicator. I want this Shutdown checkliste to run automatically in a LINDA module, but I have no way of reading the state of the Attitude indicator. Michael
  10. Does anyone know if its possible to read the Attitude state (Caged or Uncaged) ? I have tried using Offset 2F68, but it does not seem to do the job. The only thing left is the Toggle control 66373, which does not have an off/on setting. Thanks Michael
  11. Pete, The new Acceleration controls would be specific for Aircraft carrier and SAR aircrafts/helicopters. They pop up in LINDA when I try mapping one of these aircrafts/helicopters. I might just make a list of these. Just like we have FSX controls for various aircraft lights, then we also have Offset values to control them directly, which is way more powerful. Thats what I am looking for in the Acceleration controls. xcorez, Thanks for the XML gauge workaround, which I will try out :) Michael
  12. Actually I am using the application LINDA, which I think does the same job. And no, the only action is that an FSX control is activated. I really wish all aircraft designers would add Lvar to all buttons, levers and switches. Well, if you add all the new Acceleration controls, it would be nice to have these Associated with an Offset value. I am not really sure, if I can do this myself. Michael
  13. Hi Pete, Unfortunately I do not have an Lvar option for this function, but I will create a 'normal' toggle using the FSX control. Will the Offset document be updated as well? ;-) Michael
  14. The 'Launch Bar' is from default FSX Acceleration and activated through the keyboard command Shift+U. Michael
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