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  1. Hi Alan, thanks for this update. I have your original Traffic Sounds pack from SimMarket - is there an upgrade path to this latest set? Thanks Dave
  2. Hi Volker, I have attached the files for you. When I say FSX is the nav db source perhaps I was not being clear - sorry. I meant just that my FSC "points" to FSX and builds it database from it. Strangely enough the fixes show in FSX but not X-Plane! Thanks Dave plans.zip
  3. After some investigation I think I see what's going on. My copy of FSC is currently using FSX as the current nav database source. The VORs and NDBs quoted are also intersections but these do not appear in X-Plane, only as VOR and NDBs so XP does not recognise them as intersections. These 3-letter intersections (normally an intersection has 5-letters) do not appear either in the currently available 3rd party nav data (NavDataPro or Navigraph). There are 3 ways around this: 1. Add X-Plane as a nav database option to FS Commander like one can do now for FS2004, FSX and P3D. (the ide
  4. Hi Volker, that may be so but for an X-Plane flight plan to work they need to be set as a VOR and NDB respectively, otherwise the XP FMS will just not accept them. Please try for your self if you have XP10, otherwise please take my word for it as a user that every time I export a flight plan from FSC, I need to correct it manually before loading it into the FMS to avoid big holes in my route! :-) I would really appreciate you modifying this. I hope also that sometime in the future it will be possible for FSC to use X-Plane database (like Plan-G) so a copy of FSX is not required. Thanks again
  5. Hi Volker, I regularly use FSC to create X-Plane flight plans and have noticed a slight problem which, when the flight plan is imported in the XP FMS, can lead to the FMS not recognising VORs and some NDBs. Here is an example output from FSC: I 3 version 0 17 1 EGLL 0 51.477500 -0.461389 11 D4LON 0 51.485110 -0.573667 11 D7LON 0 51.510150 -0.650417 2 BUR 0 51.519010 -0.677469 11 LON10 0 51.583750 -0.685203 11 LON14 0 51.671620 -0.695306 11 WOBUN 0 52.019440 -0.733333 11 WELIN 0 52.247220 -0.852222 11 AKUPA 0 52.486670 -1.091111 11 TIMPO 0 52.558890 -1.163889 11 ELVOS 0 52.700280 -1.30
  6. Hi, yes I cannot see the 54a file either. Looks like they haven't uploaded it yet.
  7. Yes, I use DownThemAll in Firefox. Are you saying you managed to d/l it successfully...?
  8. Sorry Burkhard but the problem is still there - only 772kb and unexpected end of archive. Thanks
  9. Thanks very much Burkhard, installed fine. Just thought I'd mention a couple of things. Please note that the Readme.htm bundled with the installer says "Welcome to MyTraffic 5.2a incremental update!" rather than 5.3a. Also the first line of the batch file that runs post installation tries to "cd MyTraffic", when that is already the current folder. Again, thanks for a great software and your continued support.
  10. Hi, has this now been released? After seeing the news at AVSim I checked MT Communicator and it sees v5.3a as being the latest version. However it just says checking server it will not download it. thanks.
  11. Hi, is it possible to customize the altitude in Google Earth when connected? I can zoom out manually but each time it is refreshed it zooms right back in. Thanks
  12. Just to let you know I found a workaround. Using the command line "FSC9Setup.exe /quiet" I was able to install v9, but without being able to choose the install folder of course.
  13. My OS is Windows 7 x64, with UAC disabled. The error happens just after I click Next. I've never had issues installing anything else. If someone could download the evaluation version from the site and try it that would be great. Thanks David Edit: My installer for the v8.5 installs perfectly.
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