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  1. Mr. Renk, You should see the big grin on my face right about now :mrgreen: <-(this Smiley doesn't do it justice). Thank you soo much and I'll be looking forward to seeing them in my FSX soon. Keep up the good job! :D
  2. Thank you Mr. Burkhard Renk for this update. I'll be looking forward to your next version with the updated Military AI (Hopefully). :D
  3. Thank you Mr. Burkhard Renk and have a Merry Christmas!
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone! and Happy Holidays to all ... :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :wink:
  5. Mr. boing71234567, Thank you; nice video! :D PS: I just installed my copy of MTX 5.2 and its great 8)
  6. Mr. Burkhard Renk, When I purchased MTX v5.2 I got the following files:- B. RENK - MyTRAFFIC X V5.2 (update/discount) MTXV52_for_FSX.zip B. RENK - MyTRAFFIC X V5.2 (update/discount) MyTrafficX_Installation_Instructions.pdf The "MyTrafficX_Installation_Instructions.pdf" file is what confused me, as it refers to MTX 5.0 and the setup for that; I didn't notice that there was another installation file until I uncompressed "MTXV52_for_FSX.zip" and saw "index.htm"; Thus the confusion. I think I should just follow the "index.htm" for the installation and forget about the "MyTrafficX_Installation_Instructions.pdf"; Correct? BTW: I'm look forward to MTX v5.2b; do you expect that to be a payed update too? Thank you for keeping this product as "Outstanding" as it has already become. 8)
  7. Mr. Burkhard Renk, Thank you for this version 5.2; simMarket.com and I have worked out our differences, and I have just purchased/downloaded this new and amazing package from you/them. I do have a quick question about the installation; the file accompaining the product refers to v5.0 installation; Is this correct or do I need another Instruction file(s)? I currently have the v5.1b that you gave me installed and just want to be sure before I accidentally destroy my FSX/MTX 5.1b setup. Will wait to install until I hear from you. Thank you again.
  8. Mr. Dowson, What seems obvious to you in the FSUIPC interface is not always as clear to someone starting out; I'm sure you would agree that you've spent a decade or so looking at the interface and I haven't. Furthermore, respectfully, your documented instructions assume a lot and are NOT precise when it comes to proceedures or step by step setup instructions. But rather, an over-all description of features and capabilities. This can get confusing to any reader; especially if the documentation has minor spelling mistakes and the grammer isn't correct; and, Respectfully, many here have had that problem. Thus, I've spend a lot of time "thinking" about "how to" implement the features and not knowing the limitations or constraints of the tools, I blundered into things. What I wasn't aware of from the beginning is that the FSUIPC joystick features were a "or" and not an "and" when accompanied with FS' own joystick settings. And, perhaps I assumed with my limited understanding at the time, that if all were setup in both FS and FSUIPC that they would further tweak existing FS Joystick settings; in some cases it did and not in others. With button assignments that was not the case and so I redundantly assigned them in both giving them a psuedo-macro feature which works quite nicely for me. Moreover, the feature of the two set of axis' to do the same control cannot be used by FSUIPC, itself, simultaniously without the "Aircraft Specific" feature turned on was not at all made clear in the documentation for multi-axis setup. And that a third required either FS' joystick settings or the "Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration" menu in FSUIPC. - Thus the problem; I was missing some key concepts that weren't documentated in the provided documentation. Next, regarding your questions about the multi-throttle assignment page, It was for another controller. But, was pictured here for your viewing only to see that I was firmiliar with its setup, if not correctly. Furthermore, there were AXIS mapping features to my controls that needing resetting; which neither you or I could have known at the time; as a result of an upgrade to the CH Manager/TM HOTAS Calibration utilities. All in all, I'm sorry I wasted my time and yours with pictures and videos. I did learn a lot about your tools capabilities and limitations but found all my answers and resolved them with some key features provided by Mr. John Cook post, FSUIPC Guide for CH Users,(HERE) which clearly indicated key issues to address, resolve, and (more importantly) proceedures - the "HOW TO" which is what I was seeking from you and was NOT clearly evident in your "FSUIPC *.pdf" documentation. I know that Tech. support is not always easy for programmers; I was one too in my early 20's; but might I suggest an addition of a help features and descriptive informational bubbles as an aid to the interface of future FSUIPC interface. Remember, your interface must be transparent to any user and thus easy to understand. There is much confusion between features from the "Send to FS as Axis" to "Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration" that doesn't make a lot of sense from your documentation until, after you've played around with it a little. Finally, I know that we didn't get off on the right foot and I will forgive any rudeness in the tone and manner of your replies and hope you get to feeling better if ever we have to do this a next time. Thank you, anyway, for your help.
  9. Burkhard, Thank you so much for MyTraffic 5.1b - Its a hugh improvement over the previous versions. However, I'm saddened to hear it will take till 2009/2010 to see the next version. I was really looking forward to many of these improvements. Good Luck! PS: I'll be posting my assement of My Traffic v5.1B over a number of months in testing it. :)
  10. Thank you John; this .pdf helped me resolve much confusion and I now have everything working the way I want it. :wink:
  11. Mr. Dowson, I know that this must be frustrating for you but, let me begin again by telling you that I really enjoy using FSUIPC and have been since FS2002 when it was freeware for most customers. I, in no way, intended to degrade your documentation or methodoligy by any statements that were made here. If you were in any way offended, please except my sincere apologies. Perhaps I wasn't communicating to you in a way that would help you assist me. I will now attempt to resolve this be giving you the details of what I've done. Now, to answer the questions from your response, I have added pictures to better communicate to you as to what I'm doing and what is wrong:- These are the USB device that are installed on my system. I have another that I also want to install later; but the problem exists with these and only these will be addressed here for simultanious use in FSX / FSUIPC v4.30. I want to configure them in the following ways:- TM HOTAS Cougar USB (for Fighter/Helicopter) CHProducts FlightSim Yoke USB & CH Throttle Quadrant USB (for Civilian/Comercial Prop/Jet aircraft) CH Pro Pedals USB (For All Aircraft) I understand that FS and FSUIPC see them as Aircraft independant or Universal, but the above stated is the goal for me here with this document. 1. The problem For this example I will use only 1 axis to troubleshoot; but, this is an issue that is for almost ever axis. The Throttle of the HOTAS Cougar is what is used for this example. But first a quick video of the problem. I couldn't YouTube this file for some reason so, you will have to download it: Here (Filesize 58.7MB) In this DEMO I go from an IDLE to MAX on the TQS but the throttle does "its own thing." The Throttle AXIS' for the CH Yoke & Throttle Quadrant, have been disabled for this example and the Thrustmaster TQS was also disabled in FS' Joystick menu but calibrated to be used in FSUIPC with the AXIS set for use in FS. I used both options to test this; The "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" and the "Send to FS as normal axis." Both worked and didn't - There were spikes and throttle changes that I didn't initiate as the video shows. In this pic I calibrated the TQS for its full range. I then assigned multi options to test and see which one worked and for more Throttle positional accuracy. I had 8 Stages for the "Send direct to FSUIPC" method from IDLE Cutoff to 10%, then onto Full MIL Thrust (Throttle FULL), Afterburner Toggle, AB 1 - AB4. For the "Send to FS as an AXIS" I set it up for each throttle 1-4 as a combination. I also tested the "Aircraft specific option" to see if this would conflict with other axis' already configured in FS. And ofcourse, I removed the TQS Z-Axis as being the throttle in the FS Joystick Menu. I also deleted all other Joystick axis' in FS' Joystick Menu to make sure that nothing was conflicting or causing spikes. However, after all of this I am not sure how to proceed. :shock: Please Advise! Thank you for you time.
  12. Why not? You can assign all the axes and buttons in FSUIPC and disable all joysticks in FS. You most certainly should never have the same things assigned in both FS and in FSUIPC! As I said, assign them in FSUIPC (not in FS) and make them aircraft-specific. This is why axis assignments were added to FSUIPC -- not to duplicate FS but to replace its less-capable assignment system. You don't. You get FSUIPC to do it instead. That's the whole point. You seem to be wearing blinkers here -- please read the words: you can assign axes (and buttons) in FSUIPC instead of in FS! Pete Mr. Pete Dawson, Thank you for hammering the point across to me... But, I've read the .pdf doc.'s and tried using FSUIPC assignments only with all joystick axis assignments in FS and the axis don't seem to work if it is removed in FS' joystick menu. So, what I've had to do was assign them to both and tweak it further in FSUIPC. What am I doing wrong? How can I resolve this to do it the way you are suggesting? Based on the Documentation, It doesn't seem to work for me; not sure why; thus I sought you out - the "GURU" of FSUIPC. Everything else in FSUIPC works great and I love it. Please be patient and more responsive to proceedures of setup - I cannot decern that from the documentation provided. I think I need a step by step proceedure to resolve this. Thank you.
  13. Mr. Pete Dowson: If they are all simultaneously assigned and active, to the same sets of controls, then yes, of course they will conflict with each other. This is why I added aircaft-specific axis assignment facilities to FSUIPC. Yes, I understand; but, I cannot disable them in FS' game controller menu and have them function as Axis' in FS even though I programmed them in FSUIPC. They are "aircraft specific" but NOT aircraft independant and WON'T work if I disable the Axis' in FS. How do I resolve that - its independance? (eg. I want to use the CH Yoke for the CaptainSim 757 and the TM HOTAS Cougar for the CaptainSim F/A-18D and have them both use the X & Y-axis' on each device but NOT have FS try to use them on eachother or one set of Axis' for both aircraft). Mr. Pete Dowson: Yes, of course, if you use FSUIPC for all assignments and disable joysticks in FS. That was the main reason axis assignments were provided in FSUIPC. How do I get FS to read the joysticks and use them in the game and still disable them in FS' Joystick Menu? Thank you very much for your time.
  14. Dear Mr. Pete Dowson, I use a TM HOTAS Cougar (USB) in Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit with FSX Acceleration with the latest drivers. I updated the FSUIPC module yesterday from v4.28 to v4.30 and the module began giving me problems in FSX with the #2 engine of all my FSX aircraft when using this throttle. It caused a decline in the N1/RPM of what ever aircraft (Jet/Prop) in the #2 Engine when a full throttle setting is applied. The #1 Engine would ofcourse go to max NI/RPM. I've tried re-calabrating and adjusting the settings in Windows Game Controller, FSX's Joystick settings, and FSUIPC's Joystick Calibration but with no success. So, I reverted back to version v4.28 to try and resolve this but I believed it corrupted the original setup. So, I reinstalled v4.30 and found out it was an issue with FSX dealing with my many Controllers. I have the following ... TM HOTAS Cougar USB (for Fighter/Helicopter) CHProducts FlightSim Yoke USB and CH Throttle Quadrant USB (for Civilian/Comercial Prop/Jet aircraft) CH Pro Pedals USB (For All Aircraft) So, when I try to use one set of controls with an aircraft, the other set conflicts. Thus, I have to disable their axis' in FSX Joystick Settings menu. I used the Axis controller settings to further tweak the HOTAS to function more accurately to the way a fight has Mil and AB stages and that seems to work properly now. However, I would like to be able to use one set of controlls with a specific aircraft and another with another aircraft without having to disable one or the other. Can this be done using FSUIPC's Aircraft Specific feature? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Mr. Burkhard, Thank you for the info. Might I suggest for uninstallers - removing the aircrafts/effects and all Scenery files from their folders as a complete deletion; BUT, keep the folder structure of "..\MyTraffic\" and have the user manually remove it, before or after the Uninstall process from FS Scenery Menus. This will prevent corruption in FS and its file indexing - Nothing is lost to the FS if an AFCAD or a Aircraft is removed manually or automatically. What causes the corruption is if the MyTraffic Scenery Folder is loaded in the Scenery.cfg files and are now missing when FS is launched again later. - Am I correct in this? Also, the user would have to manually remove the "SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\aircraft" statement from the "FSX.cfg" and possibly the "traffictoolbox.dll" statements; if it is a modified version that you are now deploying. If this process is done, it will significantly reduce the time from a manual uninstall for the User. I will also allow for updated versions like from v5.x to v5.1b to be done without overwriting or even user intervention; which is what can cause a good deal of tech issues. Essentially, automation of the install/uninstall process universally guarantees consistency in the way users work with the addition or removal of the product and thus makes it easier to resolve tech issues and provide update solutions. Would you agree? Thank you for your attention.
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