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  1. First, I'm very impressed with your work ;)....i do however have some suggestions for a couple of bases in MTX first, Langley AFB, VA (KFLI) only 2 F-15 squadrons showing of 3.....27thFS (FF flagship squadron) missing, and as of May 07 (yes i know this is after MTX production) missing F-22 Raptors in all squadrons. 26 scheduled to be delivered in total to 27th FS alone. Second, Kadena, AB Okinawa, Japan (RODN) 67th FS Squadron missing (I served in 27th and 67th.) I understand this may be due to ramp space just wanted to bring this to your attention if overlooked. Also, at RODN a permanent 4 plane P-3 Orion (USN) Squadron and at least 1 E-3 AWACS missing from base.....parked where you have KC-135's parked at same end of runway on other side from f-15's, secondly, middle parking area, closest to tower, is reserved for light cessna type aircraft for Kadena's Private Pilot flight school (only see one parked there with a few commercial aircraft. Lastly there is never any A-6 Intruders there, but instead a permanent detachment of U.S. Marine AV8-B Harriers and F-18 Hornets Numbering 4 AV8's and 6-8 Hornets where A-6's are parked at any given time, and a U.S. Army squadron of at least 3-4 AH-60 heli's missing as well. At ocean end of runway (east) and north of runways is a permanent USAF squadron of classified C-130 "Goose" models (Square radome instead of round) from the 17th SOS (spec. ops. squadron) I hope this is helpful, just some things to tweak if the spirit moves you, lol. Again great job incorporating ACCURATE squadron patches on tails and very impressed with your work, looking forward to further updates!!! Already have mil AI traffic if you are talking about MyTraffic X (v5.0) Edit: would be nice to have the World Airlines fly in from Seattle/Tacoma to Kadena, AB Okinawa, twice a week....once a week flying in through Yakota, AB and once a week flying in via Osan then Kunsan, AB Korea. just an afterthought after readind some of typhoontom's other posts. :lol:
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