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  1. Hello to everyone, With the help of Volker through exchanges of emails, my issue is now resolved. This issue was caused by improperly setting up the network drive which permits FSC to file or access FSX flightplans to and from the 'Flight Simulator X Files' directory. I was mounting the network drive at the Flight Simulator X Files level (C:\Users\(my name)\My documents\Flight Simulator X Files) rather than one step up in the file structure (C:\Users\(my name)\My documents\) then selecting the 'Flight Simulator X Files' directory in the right column of the Paths tab of FSC's Save/Load Flight Plan window. Many thanks Volker for your prompt assistance. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  2. Hi Volker, I'm experiencing the same issue and have sent the 'Support' folder. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  3. Hi Pete, My question is along the lines of Jim P's question dated 10 January in another thread which I didn't want to highjack. So here's mine. While preparing text to post on the Pro-ATC/X forum related to the need to rebuilt the utility's scenery database when changing FTX regions using FTX Central, I updated my copy of MakeRwys.exe and for the first time since I've been using your utility (I know, shame on me), read your ReadMe file which accompanies it. I was surprised to read that the utility reads the scenery config file which resides in the main FSX directory and not the one which gets updated every time FSX's Scenery Library is adjusted. Here are a few observations after comparing the two and I know this reflects my setup in terms of addon scenery: - the two files don't match in terms of size and coverage (the file in the FSX directory has 120 layers while the one in the ProgramData directory has 244 layers) (for example, there's no entry showing that a separate scenery file exists for the new FsDreamTeam CYVR scenery and that it has higher priority than any FTX region); - the file in the main FSX directory is dated 2007 while the file under 'C\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX is dated yesterday which is the last time FSX's Scenery Library was changed (switched FTX region from North America to Australia); -considering that I, as many others do, download new/adjusted scenery files which occasionally contain adjusted AFCADs which often replace original FSX data such as runway coordinates (realignment of runways in accordance with today's data), I suspect that the scenery config file in the main FSX directory which is dated 2007 doesn't account for this new information; Pete, I'm sure there's a logical explanation and don't want to impose on you the requirement of a detailed technical reason but just helping me understand would be much appreciated. By the way, you might be interested in the post I made reference to in my first paragraph. If you do read it and have time, I'd be interested in any comments you might have. http://www.pointsoft...87d724e256d6254 I see you're back on the 14th probably from a well deserved holiday. Your reply would be appreciated but is not urgent. Regards. JJ _______________________________________________________________ UPDATE: Hi Pete, There's no need to respond. The statement which applies to FS9 must have caught my attention and distracted me from reading further! The statement which applies to FSX, ". . . MakeRunways will find the correct Scenery.CFG file automatically . . . " clearly suggests that the appropriate (the correct) configuration file will be used. Welcome back! JJ
  4. Hi everyone, Just recently upgraded to the latest version and facing the autozoom issue. Has any solution been found and published? Regards, JJ
  5. Hello folks, Thank you Ian for alerting OryxSim about the issue. This was going to be my next move which if you read on, is no longer required. Thank you Burkhard for adding an ounce of humour into the matter! And special thanks to Florian who has communicated with me directly following Ian's alert to explain what was behind the issue and how to correct it. A true testament to OryxSim support. Finally for anyone interested and in addition to the information offered above by Florian, in his private note to me he has confirmed that a patch to KelownaX which addresses this and other improvements will be issued within the next week or so. Best regards to all, Jean-Jacques
  6. I didn't really give you a fair chance! The time periods between my initial post and the two updates were rather short. I had read your recommendation to use MT's Communicator to try to fix things rather than proceed with an uninstalll. But then I also read your very well written process to follow if the user did choose to proceed to uninstall the product. Because MTC had not managed to fix the issue, I did uninstall then reinstall your product which does in fact work fine. Thank you. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  7. Hi and thank you for your quick response. After reading your response and re-examining the screenshot, I noticed that a couple of the signs are labelled 'Kelowna'. This gave me a clue and therefore deactivated the addon airport KelownaX by OryxSim. This corrected the issue. Although I did enjoy the Kelowna scenery, there's obviously something that comes into conflict with your product. I've uninstalled the OryxSim scenery and quite happy to live with ORBX's rendition as part of its Northern Rocky Mountains package. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  8. Hi, This is my second day with MTX Pro 5.4 and after reading in the User Manual that 16% AI traffic is roughly the equivalent of FSX default AI at 100%, I thought I'd visit KSEA to sample the traffic and take note of framerate hit. I was surprised to see what this screenshot reveals. This is what the entrance to Runway 34R looks like! I tried disabling the KSEA bgl file (BR2_KSEA.BGL) in MyTraffic's Scenery file but it made no difference. In fact, this screenshot is with the BGL disabled. I haven't tested much more than Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna and KSEA. There's obviously a conflict somewhere and wondering when such conflicts occur, is there a solution? I use FTX ORBX's PNW with FSX Acc on Windows 7 64. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  9. Hi, The title says it all and here's how I got it to NOT work! 1. Installed MTX Pro 5.4 and worked OK. 2. F1's Audio Environment reported it had found MyTrafficX and therefore installed AE's sound files to, I presumed, MTX Aircraft. 3. AI Aircraft sound didn't sound as they did when I had UT2 installed and therefore reversed the sound installation using AE's Remove Sound button. 4. To be on the safe side in case something went wrong, I invoked MTC's Configure MyTraffic\Remove Aircraft, Scenery and Schedules in MyTraffic folder. 5. Then invoked Rebuild my aircraft, scenery and schedules. 5. Started FSX to find no AI traffic. 6. Checked FSX's Scenery Library to ensure MyTraffic file which contains the scenery file is active. 7. Checked forum and reviewed pinned post entitled 'MyTraffic X installation not working - checklist. Here's the result: a. FSX's config file does contain an entry entitled "simobjectPaths.6= MyTraffic\aircraft b. MyTraffic aircraft folder properties = 8.72 GB and 32,631 files in 5,853 folders !!! c. MyTraffic scenery folder properties = 346 KB and 13 files in 0 folder !!! If I try to use MTC's Configure MyTraffic\Manage Aircraft Configuration: Models, Exits and Strobe lights, all I get is a black window which appears for only a split second then disappears. This did work before. Is this a case for a complete uninstall despite the fact that uninstalling is not recommended in the user manual? Thanks to all for any thoughts. Regards, Jean-Jacques UPDATE I've gone over the 'uninstall' material in the User's manual once more and decided to proceed with a full uninstall ensuring to follow related instructions and will report back. JJ UPDATE I've got traffic! Uninstallation and re-installation went well. Thanks for reading and maybe reflecting on 'how can we help this guy!' Regards, Jean-Jacques
  10. Hi Sandy, The file is entitled FSCFSXCFG and is located in your main FSC folder. The file icon is the same as the FSC exe file (Globe with FSC written on it). The only thing that small utility does is copy and rename your FSX scenery configuration file to scenerycfg.fsc and places it in your FSX directory so that FSC can find it. The location of the actual FSX scenery configuration file on Windows 7 is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. Note also that for the utility to do what's its supposed to do, you must copy it and place it in your FSX directory and run it from there or a shortcut placed on your desktop. This process should not fail but if it should, the easiest way to solve the problem is to copy FSX's scenery configuration file (scenery.cfg) from the directory named above (C:\ProgramData . . .), place it in your FSX directory and rename it scenerycfg.fsc That's it! Regards, Jean-Jacques
  11. Hi Frank Thank you for this information which confirms that the data in my configuration file are correct. My issue was different and was only resolved yesterday (Monday the 15th). It had to do with the organization of my mounted drives. With the help of Volker, I discovered that the order of my drives was incorrect because of the way the operating system reads data, that is in reverse order, Z to A rather than following the normal alphabetic sequence. As I understand it, FSC's DBase Manager not only reads FSX's scenery configuration file but also reads all other BGL files it will find including BGL files outside the drive assigned to FSX if these are contained in a drive placed above the drive assigned to FSX. This is apparently not caused by FSC's DBase Manager but rather a feature of the operating system, in my case, Windows 7 (64). Because I had the FS9 drive mounted above the FSX drive, once finished reading BGL files in FSX, it would continue to read FS9 BGL files which in the end would cause FSC to display wrong and duplicate information. On Volker's advice, I restructured my mapped drives as follows: W drive: FSX (directory) X drive: FS9 (directory) Y drive: Flight Simulator X files (for FSX flight plans) Z drive: Flight Simulator files (for FS9 flight plans) When rebuilding FSC's database for FSX, the arrangement above prevents the reading of BGL files outside FSX because there is no drive above the W drive containing such files. Based on this logic, it stands to reason that one would need to disconnect the W drive assigned to FSX to prevent any access to its BGL files when rebuilding the FS9 database. Not so. Strangely enough, when I rebuilt the FS9 database, the DBase Manager did not read beyond the X drive assigned to FS9. A careful review of the textual database file (FSCDBM_FS09) confirmed this fact. Is there a technical difference between the two versions of the sim which would be responsible for this behaviour, I wouldn't know. If in the future I get a different behaviour, I will update this post. My thanks to Volker, Sasha and to you Frank for your input. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  12. Hi Frank, Regarding FSC's DBase Mgr, the tool can only read the information offered by FSX's scenery configuration file. Based on my review up to now, it is FSX's scenery config file that's at fault, not FSC's DBM. If one can get that sorted out, then I think we'll be on top of it! Regards, Jean-Jacques
  13. Thanks Rog. That's exactly the sort of thing that I'm looking into. Regards, Jean-Jacques
  14. Hi (name please), It would help if you would provide system information, i.e., Windows version, FS9 or FSX, FSUIPC version, whether your setup runs on one computer or in a network environment., etc. The requirement for such information is requested in one of the 'pinned' message from the authors. In the context of Windows 7, I believe you have identified what in fact is an issue which remains unknown to probably many users unless visual information displayed by FSC doesn't match with a user's knowledge about an airport such as in this case, runway numbers. I run both FSX and FS9 on Windows 7, 64 while FSC and other utilities, for example Radar Contact, run on a networked PC running Windows XP Home. I have the same issue with the same airport, UK2000's Manchester Extreme, despite the troubling fact that FSX correctly lists the runways (23L/5R and 23L/5L). I have rebuilt FSC's database several times after installing a fresh copy of the airport but FSC continues to list the old or default runway numbers (24/6) along with other runway information taken from Microsoft's default AFCAD which does not necessarily match the information contained in the author's scenery file, for example, runway length. I'll spare you the details of my many tests but it appears at least on my system that the issue is related to the awkward and frustrating process to be followed to activate scenery files when using Windows 7 (and in this case, that I couldn‘t rely on UK2000‘s auto-installer to do it properly for me — this is not a criticism aimed at UK2000 but rather at Microsoft). Using FSC's 'Airport Information' menu, FSC confirms that the airport information for Manchester is based on file APX47130.bgl. That file is Microsoft's default airport information file (AFCAD) for Manchester EGCC and is located in the following directory: FSX\Scenery\0501\Scenery\APX47130.bgl. In FSC, the title of the file from which airport information displayed is taken from is identified in RED when the ICAO code is entered in the search box of the Airport Information window. Upon checking many of my scenery files, I found that several were not reading the correct file (the file containing the most recent information added to FSX). I will continue with my tests and when I think I've resolved it, I will share my thoughts with the community by adding a post to this thread. In the meantime, I have two related questions for Volker or Sacha. Because it is impossible to read the file created by FSCFSXCFG (the tool that automates the creation of a copy of FSX’s Scenery configuration file) I have tried copying and renaming the configuration file manually and placing it in FSX's main directory but FSC’s Database Manager refuses to recognize it. According to the User's Manual, I should be able to do this. Is this normal and if so, should the User's Manual be amended? My second question is also related to the FSCFSXCFG tool. Could someone confirm that under Windows 7 the tool makes a copy of FSX's configuration file located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX. Thank you for this. I welcome anyone who has any thoughts on the matter to share them with me and other members who might be interested. Regards, Jean-Jacques
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