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  1. I checked aerosoft and at least with the boxed version you get the rebate by using tour reg number even if you purchased from the pilot shop I cant comment on the download version
  2. I checked flightsimstore and it still looks like the 8.6 version to me.
  3. hekko I have the boxed version which was bought at the pilot shop not from aerosoft but obviously produced by them. I re state the pilot shop is still selling the old boxed vbersion and I think is still selling the old download version . In reply to the quote about the free updates I have not received a single update for my money./ And are the updates new features or fixes I agree 25 euros is too steep. and should be free to owners of the 8.6 version or boxed version if purchased later than 30 june 2010
  4. censorship?? or is it a only "Good News " allowed
  5. I have only recently purchased fsc as a boxed version from FSpilotshop. There was no mention of a new version and now I have to pay an extra 25 euro when I have only had a few months of using the software at the original full price. However the FS pilot shop does not even have the new version 9.0 available as a download and is still selling the old version both the boxed and the download version 8.x at its regular price I hope nobody purchases this and not realise a new version is available. http://www.fspilotshop.com/product_info.php?cPath=2_70_74&products_id=1378 Additional specifica
  6. I have just read on flightsim that new textures are available but I could not find them on your download page. Was I too quick or are they somewhere else? Ruud Faber developer of the FScene replacement ground textures for the Microsoft Flight Simulator is working on fine-tuning the Night Textures as used in FScene for FSX. The patches for FScene4X USA&Canada, South America and Africa have been obtainable for some time already. To-day he released the fourth patch covering Australia and New Zealand with 170 revised textures, again as a free download. This is a work in progress and more pa
  7. no it does not use fsuipc to connect to fs. I assume this means no luck. thanks for quick reply
  8. vr insight produces a screen which you can load an instrument panel . Could this use your program to display this information on a second computer via its video screen many thanks
  9. sim touch is a program that uses a touch screen to send messages to flighrtsim if i wanted to run this on a separate computer could this be done using fsuipc/widefs I suppose i would have to have wide fs on the same machine as the simtouch program
  10. I also do not have a fsx computer linked to the internet. I note that on sim market you can download the upgraded files for 15Euro . For the same price you can download the complete traffic 5.2b from sim market if you are registered as previously owning the product. Is this the only way to obtain the upgrade without using the communicator? cheers
  11. Can I use fsuipc fswide ( which I have not registered yet) to run the serialfp software that vrinsight uses across a network to run a mpanel. Also a micropit and/or cdu II which does rely on a second display using a fspanel. I have managed to get displays of instruments using other software on networked computers but these can be cpu heavy. Can wideview instead of giving a scenery view give an instrument view?
  12. I again have to disagree . If you buy a car from GM then if it has a fault or needs a repair under warranty then any dealer will fix it and send the bill to GM. My point was the warranty is carried by GM. ie surely the fix is made by the programmers and should be available to all not just to the buyers of downloaded version. Perhaps another example a game update written by a company who did notmarket the product would make the update available to all I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I did not take offence at the 10% and i realise this is a community not somewhere to just get ang
  13. I cant agree with whats written here. I bought the product my traffic. I bought the DVD version from an Australian supplier who specialises in only Flight sim gear. I should be entitled to the same support and product refinements that anyone else has irrespective of where I bought it from. I might be one of the 10% but my experience with download products is to say the least poor. Down under connections are a liitle slower than the europe/american world, most download systems require online activation and the system involves a code which is system based so that when i upgrade the code no lon
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