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  1. 1. Ditch default ATC: It simple doesnt know the procedures supplied by an up to date navdatabase. Even more worse it gives you procedures rwys etc. which simply no longer exist (The FSX database is now over 15 years old). 2. Weather: FSC is not a weather enigine which can inject weather into the sim like ActiveSky.
  2. Volker made it very clear from the beginning, that FSC is not compatible with P3D. So not sure what you did, but obviously you killed your database. I used FSC during FSX times and when I was aware that it wouldnt work with P3D I sipmly left it as it was (did not run the dbmanager). And since then I still use FSC to make flighplans for P3D. The navdatabase can still be updated. The only "problem" that can appear: in case a brandnew airport is built somewhere on earth which is not part of the default scenery in the sim, it will not appear in FSC. But I never came across something like that. An you always got this for FSC. The fact that you do not get FSC for P3D is simply a legal issue, that can not be discussed here. Other planning tools like Simbrief dont have that problem, as they do not care about the airport layout with runways, taxiways, parking etc. And tools reading the airport layout by using a "special" methode, well they are taking a high legal risk. You didnt make a backup of FSC? Bad luck. If you still have FSX around, install it again and all your fsx addons, let the dbmanager run on FSX and you are back where you have been before you killed your database
  3. Did you get any promise that FSC will be compatible with all future versions of your sim? Definitely not. So the only thing that is ridiculous is you post. 👎 And of course, you can still use it as I do. I still can make flightplans and use it with my latest aircraft (e.g. Aerosofts A3xx and PMDGs Boeing)
  4. TBH, No one will send you copyright protected content. Simply reinstall the product.
  5. So I understand correct, that owners buying the product 3 years ago have to pay 25 USD for a just v4 compatible installer ??
  6. John, the only problem is that you will not get a legal access to this old AIRAC because no provider neither Navigraph nor Aeorosoft can grant access to old AIRAC, as thtey are b not allowed to do so as of the contracts they have with Lufthansa/Jeppesen. And getting this AIRAC from a "friend" is simply a copyright violation. ;)
  7. @delta1072: please start FSC with the parameter 2: "fsx.exe 2"
  8. OK, please make sure that you run the FSC as Administrator, by right clicking on the link, choose properties and on the Compatibility tab mark "Run as Administrator". If this doesnt help, do you start FSC with the parameter "2"? Aalso tell me the exact error message and post a screenshot oft "Paths" tab in the dilaog box when you save a plan.
  9. Works fine here, and looking at you ini file, the problem is quite clear: The path is wrong. it should be: C:\users\YOUR_USERNAME\My Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files
  10. Yvan, wrong information: only saved flights from the old version can not be used. the flightplan format itself didn't change!
  11. Falsch! Unter Document Folder gibst du den Pfad zu ...User/Dein_Benutzername/My Documents an, bzw. so wie das auf deinem Rechner heisst (Gerne auch "Eigene Dokumente") In der Zeile Flightsim Commanmder gibst du den Pfad an, wo der FSC seine eigenen Flugpläne speichert. Abgesehn davon würde ich sagen, du befindest dich im falschen Forum. Dein Problem ist kein FSC sondern PFPX Problem
  12. Go to Youtube, search for FSCommander and you'll find a lot of videos. But don't take those older then 2 years.
  13. Wrong forum, post here: http://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/
  14. Sorry but how dumb? Why do you think did we ask you to post a screenshot? Just for fun? We simply needed it to tell you what you have done wrong. And, sorry to say that, but with all your path settings you are still wrong. But I don't feel like telling you where to go and waste my time anymore.
  15. Sorry, the export from FSC into the Airbus format works perfectly. I'll do it every day and as long as you do not come back with the required informations, support is not possible.
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