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  1. I honestly cant say completely but Im almost 100percent sure I was given no warnings about your certificate.I was given one for ifly about installing a gau file for it but not for you.....the thing is ultimately what does it matter?........I look on this as a solution to the problem.......Just tried ifly and works fine. :lol: I can see its business for you as usual......can u find no release in the turn around of this issue that arose?!..for you your search continues but here is where my journey ends where i now must part.......goodbye pete and thanks again!
  2. er.....pete.............that was the answer!u solved it......it was a flippin internet security issue all along!now i have a been a guinea pig and served u well.............i feel better now because i was dishing out so much problems but have aided in solving faster any future problems with fsuipc that may be logged in future. why u are untrusted is a mystery.........I must have blocked u maybe in past for some reason...... we never gave up......okay in some ways i did but we won through thanks pete again........ifly here i come!
  3. u are listed as an untrusted publisher!
  4. Pete, All the confusion in the last mail was because i was being brief in replies and this lead to cross wires......let us forget all that and move to the latest event....... I deleted dll.xml I reinstalled fsuipc I ran fsx no joy and NO LOG! BUT......I then deleted the FSUIPC4.dll from my modules folder...... I re ran fsx and this is the simconnect log........ 0.00000 SimConnect version 10.0.61242.0 0.04800 File not found: Path="Modules\FSUIPC4.dll" Therefore simconnect looks for fsuipc.dll and finds it but no runs because your mysterious log file no appear..... Now as for what has caused the removal of the fsuipc4.dll file to be picked up on in the simconnect log is a mystery-I can only assume it has something to do with my reinstalling fsx thanks hate the problem but please dont berate me unfairly b
  5. Hi ....bad news again....the log file isnt appearing(i added the fsuipc dll file back into the modules folder)......I added some code to generate the simconnect log.....is there some code i could add to get the fsuipc log....im way out of my depth here apologies for all the negativeness im hurling at you I assume its not this log file as this is for the original installation: Installer for FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.20 Looking in registry for FSX install path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Parameter"SetupPath" SetupPath="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" Checking version of FSX.EXE: ... Version 10.0.61355.0 (Need at least 10.0.60905.0) Checking compatibility with installed SimConnect: ... Okay, Probe Manifest matches installed SimConnect 60905 (Original) Found later build SimConnect 61242 (SP1 May07) Checking if there's already a version of FSUIPC4 installed in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.DLL ... No previous valid version found. FSX Modules folder already exists. Okay -- installed FSUIPC4 into "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.DLL" Looking for the current user's Application Data path: ... found as "C:\Documents and Settings\BRAD\Application Data" Now finding \Microsoft\FSX\FSX.CFG for all users, including this one Looking in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data" No FSX.CFG there Looking in "C:\Documents and Settings\BRAD\Application Data" Found FSX.CFG in "C:\Documents and Settings\BRAD\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\FSX.CFG"! Now checking DLL.XML ... ... There is a previous DLL.XML, checking for FSUIPC4 section. ... FSUIPC4 section already exists but will be replaced. ... FSUIPC4 section of DLL.XML written okay Now checking for a SimConnect.XML file ... ... No SimConnect.XML file found. This is okay. Looking in "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data" No FSX.CFG there Looking in "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data" No FSX.CFG there Looking in "C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Application Data" No FSX.CFG there Now installing additional files into the Modules folder: Installed "FSUIPC4 User Guide.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC4 History.pdf" okay Installed "List of FSX controls.pdf" okay All installer tasks completed okay! *************** End of Install Log *************** b :(
  6. Hi there. Ive tried further tests ..I removed both fscopilot.dll and fsuipc.dll from my modules folder.....I then ran a simconnect log and it came up with this: 0.00000 SimConnect version 10.0.61242.0 0.01802 File not found: Path="Modules\FSCopilot.dll" 0.01811 File not found: Path="Modules\FSUIPC4.dll" Therefore does this not mean simconnect IS looking for the fsuipc and in right location...as the file not found for fsuipc doesnt appear when it is there.......therefore surely does this not mean your program is faltering somehow......... i must find the answer to this or it'll haunt me b
  7. hi peter ive just thought since ive reinstalled flight sim......should i send the dll file again...maybe something new will come to light? thanks
  8. Peter, Ive been looking through this forum and realise alot of people seem to get the exact problem i have....now as far as im concerned if fscopilot appears in the addons menu then so should your fsuipc subject to a rewrite prehaps...........I have had software before that wont load and then upon a change to its code in the form of a release of a new version, it works. I have my copy installed of ifly 747 and would very much like to run it......if nothing else it saves me 100 bucks on the new pmdg will is well behind shedule......is there nothing u can do?.....im very inexperienced technically with programming and so am really not much help.......i can be a guinea pig but the fact remains....without fsuipc.........ive no ifly7474 and its most upsetting thanks b :(
  9. Hi just to say pete i reinstalled fsx etc and fsuipc...ah that was speedy...lol...... and still no joy.....so this is really bizarre to me at least now.I will try to do some of the above suggestion as and when :( thanks b
  10. lol-so others tell me..... thanks for all your help pete.....i had a thought.....might try reinstalling flight sim......some bug has maybe developed i think in its files.......although what do i know?!.......maybe i'll leave of fs copilot this time........i thought that might be intereferring with it.although again im well out of my depth. :cry:
  11. Hi yeah i was feeling like quitting cos i hate dishing out problems and not being able to solve myself and i felt i was bugging u and i hate that-ususally i try to sort things myself....yeah just to say uve been more than generous with your support.....i cant believe infact...here is that file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?> - Launch dll.xml False False - FSCopilot False Modules\FSCopilot.dll - Object Placement Tool True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Mission Creation Kit\object_placement.dll - Traffic Toolbox True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll - Visual Effects Tool True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Special Effects SDK\visualfxtool.dll - FSUIPC 4 False Modules\FSUIPC4.dll thanks
  12. hi not going to keep pestering.......alas though...how is it my fault?!.....thanks for help so far......I'll make this the last mail to spare both our sanities.....i removed that dll and now when launching fsx ,NO addons folder appears.........it seems your program isnt even launching and theres not a lot i can do about it thanks and farewell
  13. oh im lost now.......i know that folder..got open now but i dont know what you are asking and theres not one of those files in there with that name....i dont get any of this...u have in your release notes the exact prob ive been saying and u mention firewalls or internet security being prob... b
  14. hi are u not replying because im not doing something i should?..........i cant find the log file-it doesnt exist where u say...........what more can i do?! thanks
  15. hi the reason why thought problem with FSUIPC4 is because Im trying to load 'iFly 747-400 V1.1.0.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X'......it says FSUIPC4 needs to be on my computer,,,,,,the thing is when I load the 'ifly 747' its displays-e.g. eicas are blank............i assumed it was a problem with FSUIPC4 as ive heard there should be some reference to it in the addons menu , and on my addons menu there isnt any reference thanks
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