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  1. Hello Pete, When I select the 'specific aircraft' checkbox, go back into flight simulator and then back into FSUIPC, the checkbox is still ticked under the 'Axis Assignment' and 'Joystick Calibration' tabs. However, it is not still checked under the 'Button + Switches' and 'Key Presses' tab. Sometimes when I go back into FSUIPC, configure the buttons under the 'Button + Switches' tab, I realise I forgot to check the box, so I have to enter them all in again. Is there a way that once the 'specific aircraft' checkbox is ticked, it will remain on under these tabs? Regards, JP
  2. Hello all, Just a quick question... I have the CH yoke and pedals, and just wondering what response curve setting do you set yours to? Regards, JP
  3. Pete, Guess what... It WORKS!!! In the words of Del Trotter, "Your a 42 carat diamond!". I'll post a message in the LevelD forums about the new fix. Your fantastic support is very much appreciated! Regards, JP
  4. Hello Pete, Many thanks for the quick response! I've done some testing on FS9 and here are my results: Ailerons (direct): -7151 2816 13568 8052 Elevator (direct): -13262 -3120 15872 4992 (Both axis deleted within the FS9 assignments under options) With the autopilot set, vertical command is fine, but lateral is not. I have full control in turning the aircraft with my yoke. When I set the aileron axis within FS9 and delete it via FSUIPC, the lateral command is ok but will open continue to 'tip' over, which is probably due to my yoke (this is the solution I posted earlier in this thread). The default centre for my yoke if 4608. I tried to hold the yoke to have an input of '0', and try a heading select but the autopilot does not turn the aircraft. If I move and hold the elevator outside of the '0' input whilst I've set a vertical speed in the autopilot, it will follow my command but try to correct itself. (Im not to sure about this, but I seem to remember if you try to move the yoke whilst the autopilot is on, the autopilot will disengage and the warning lights/sound comes on. I might be wrong because I believe the PMDG 747 has this, not sure about the LevelD767). I'm out for the day and will be back this evening. I will do my best to test it out tonight and let you know my results. Regards, JP
  5. Pete, The problem is when under axis assignments, you set the aileron direct to fsuipc callibration. When FS handles the aileron's the problem doesn't occur. I have to set my CH yoke to FSUIPC calibration as the potentiometers within the yoke are wearing out, and under FS control it just rolls to the left (having difficulty trying to get replacement potentiomteres sent to the UK). During cruise I have to roll the aircraft by physically turning the yoke, as the LevelD 767 autopilot will not command any lateral movement; vertical movement is not a problem. Many have reported the same problem over at the LevelD forums, but you have to be a registered user to gain access. One solution is to delete in fsuipc.ini file which obviously works, but deletes all the assignments. When you set up the assignments to direct to FSUIPC again, the problem reoccurs. If others have got it fully working with all axis controlled via FSUIPC and not FS, then could they please state what they did as a lot of us would be extremely grateful. Regards, James Pearce
  6. Hello, I have the same problem as well. The only way I managed to get it to work was in axis assignment under FSUIPC, set the aileron to the default FS command (not direct to FSUIPC). Then, go into controller assignments in the FS9 menu, and set the aileron to your joystick so FS will control it. Even though its not ideal, it may be the only way. I got it to work ok but it would sometimes go into a complete roll, but I think that is down to my yokes potentiometers wearing out. Regards, JP
  7. Hello Pete, Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will do some more testing and try the process of elimination, but unfortunately I have a lot of work to do so won't be able to do that for a few days. I am using FS9, and version 3.766. If I do find the solution I will report here in the forum, in case anyone else has a similar problem. It must be my setup, so sorry I caused all this confusion. Regards, JP
  8. Peter, I appear to be having a slight issue with the ‘Multiple Throttle Synchronisation' interfering with the elevator trim, and would be very grateful if you could assist me (or anyone else who might know). I have the following set up on my computer: CH Yoke (which I assign two buttons for trim, and another to enable ‘Multiple Throttle Synchronisation’), CH Pedals and the Saitek throttle quadrant. I often enable Multiple Throttle Synchronisation as the accuracy of the potentiometers is not that good on the throttle quadrant, but what I do notice is that I am not able to use my elevator trim (whether on the yoke or keyboard). On the Level-D 767 you see the number jump up (or down depending on trimming up or down) one decimal place and instantly jumps back down. The autopilot is also unable to control pitch. I have tried enabling ‘Discon elev trim for AP’, but that does not make a difference, and within the axis calibration there are values in the elevator axis box. When I disengage ‘Multiple Throttle Synchronisation’, the elevator trim works fine and so does the autopilot and the elevator trim within the calibration shows ‘0’. This is also the same for the PMDG 747. I will not use ‘Multiple Throttle Synchronisation’ anymore, but if you could like into it I would appreciate it. If you require any further assistance then I am more than happy to help. Regards, JP
  9. Peter, I purchased FSUIPC v3 back in February, but back then didn’t believe WideFS would be of any use to me, so I opted out of the discount when buying both together. Then back in August, I purchased FSUIPC v4, and again didn’t buy WideFS at the same time. I now have set up my laptop again, and believe it would be a useful addition in running 3rd party programs over a network. After logging onto http://www.simmarket.com, I am able to get a discount buying WideFS v7, but I do not use FSX anymore. I would like to purchase v6 for FS9, but I am not eligible to get this at a discounted rate. Is there any way I am able to get WideFS v6 at the discounted rate? It’s obviously my fault that I didn’t buy them both together and got it at the cheaper rate, but if there is any way I would greatly appreciate it. If that is not possible (and this is a long shot), would I be able to purchase WideFS v7 at the discounted rate, and afterwards get the licence key changed to v6? Regards, JP
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