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  1. :D Thank you Burkhard .. I 'll try ... Best regards Eduardo
  2. Hello Burkhard ..How are you doing ?? I hope s fine !!!....So...about Mr. Alvega question ..Are there another way to put a real trafffic in the SBRJ (Santos Dumont) ??...If yes ..can you explain me?? or head me a right direction ?.... Thanks a lot (About everything) Eduardo
  3. :D That true Jaap ..LoL !! I' m so very very very happy ! Thanks again AMIGOS; I wish all the best for Meus AMIGOS !! Abraço Eduardo
  4. :D Thanks a lot BurkhardMy traffic s the best traffic for all FS series !! and the support to THE BEST !! Kind regards ! Eduardo
  5. :D Hi Burkhard and Jaap !! Problem solved !! Many many many thanks !! Muito muito obrigado !! Best regards Eduardo
  6. Thanks to Jaap and Burkhard for help me again!!.. I reinstall 2 updates 5.0a /5.0b after that my Scenery folder size s 71,5 MB ..In Etar i can select park spot , but and Rio de Janeiro (SBRJ) , Sao Paulo Congonhas (SBSP) no traffic after all; and Guarulhos International Airport (SBGR) is ok ? I don't know What s going on ! I can't reinstall FSX, c'os I have a lot of Addons installed; Any way thanks dudes for try to help me a lot of times . Abraço a todos Eduardo
  7. Hi Burkhard .. New scenery folder was created, but the folder size is 45,1 MB with 653 files , I don't Know why ? ...About the updates 5.0a + 5.0b ; can I install again over without risk ? . Obrigado Eduardo
  8. Hi Burkhard ..Thanks for help 1 more time ..lol!!..so.. I tried to rebuilt and only aircraft folder was created , no scenery folder. I don't know why ? my MTX versio is 5.0b . Can I use runonce to make scenery folder back ? obrigado!! Eduardo
  9. Oi Jaap tudo bem ?Ok In ETAR I can't select parking spot ok ? second: Total size MTX folder=4,11GB, Aircraft folder size=3,07GB, Scenery folder size=45,1MB..ok? Thanks a lot for help me many times ..lol !! Muito obrigado e um grande abraço Eduardo fsx.rar
  10. Hello Burkhard !! Thanks for help me again !! (many times..lol) ..so.. in ETAR no MTX military arcraft appear, in the EDFE too !!, I renamed the traffic arcraft blg from passive to active and the fsx default traffic s back, like a orbit, pacifica Co ..etc... please help again I think i was done your checklist and I can't my wonderfull traffic back (MTX). regards Eduardo
  11. :cry: Hi Jaap !! The oldies (fs9) Blg's not found !! ..I 'll reinstall MTX again I guess !! what do you think ?? ..can I do it ?? .... regards Eduardo
  12. Hi Jaap ..Thank you for help me again dude !! I'll search for olders traffics blgs ... Tchau (bye) Eduardo
  13. LOL ....Sorry About my confusion mystake ...LOL...Thanks Burkhard too !!. Jaap I sent you wrong scenery CFG ( wrong place) ..I'm send the correct one ok ? ( All User's profile) Scenery.rar
  14. Thanks again Jaap !! so.. MTX in the Library s ok , and I was check the scenery CFG and not found betwen Addon Scenery and propeller Objects Layer; I don't Know Why?...About the Fsx CFG I sent you the new one Because the old was gone when i was tried to add in Winrar ..I don't Know Why too . So no traffic Yet.. Abraço ( Cheers) Eduardo
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