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  1. Ruud I Noticed a new patch for Australia/new zealand but it is located in the for all Fscene files section Will it change anything in Canada USA textures
  2. Confused no more!! Ruud I have been doing more tweaking and I have to say that its just my machine that needs upgrading flying away from populated areas I am starting to see things that just amaze me . Forests that look real ,colors that make me look at the real world differently ( am always comparing the real world to yours ) I have seen the so called photo realistic scenery but they tend to look less colorful and therefore less realistic at Higher altitudes . Thank you Larry Thompson
  3. Ok Ruud sounds great also do you have any other recommended settings including video card settings ? the one i am confused about is gamma correction on or of ? I feel off looks better ?
  4. I was just wondering what the recommended settings where for your textures I find the seem to look OK at 1mtr texture resolution what where they designed for I find using them at 60 or 30 centimeters the tend to look pixelated at lower altitudes . Larry
  5. Ok I have tweaked the system a bit and set my detail radius to medium and its starting to look a lot better My computer is an older one to 2800+ athalon 1.5 gigs of ram 7600gt nvidia card with 512 mbs of ram I guess they would even look better with a faster machine . I am also running Vancouver+ and it defiantly makes it look more detailed . would a faster computer get rid of the pixelzation at low altitude ? when I first ran them I could not see the fine detail but now with the tweaking I am really appreciating the detail Ruud has put into them. Larry
  6. Ruud I hope I didn't come on to strong in the above post I have done some more tweaking and just did a High altitude flight and must say it looks fabulous I guess it was sort of a disappointment at first but the more I fly with With your textures the more realistic it seems to get. Thanks Larry
  7. You mean to say that there is no way to replace the forestland areas with the stock ms texture to make it look 3d . Can I get the file names so I can experiment ? or will there be a patch for this in the future?
  8. I have the same problem this occurs with mainly the forested textures se screenshot below. the yellow represents the clear forest textures the red the blurried texture. Larry
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