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  1. Volker - thanks for your email response, your suggestion fixed my problem. Tom PS: If others have a similar problem, this is the email response I got from Volker: Hi Tom, in your case, you have mounted at the same time both drives for FSX as Z:\\ and also for FS2004 as V:\\. While running the DatabaseManager only one drive can be mounted. For example: You want to update the FSX Databases then ONLY the Drive for the FSX should be mounted and if you want update the FS2004 Databses then only the Drive for the FS2004 should be mounted. Regards, Volker
  2. 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC 3.93 / WideFS 6.78 3. FS Commander 8.5 build 200409 and Database Manager 8.5 build 230309 4. Download version from your website 5. Operating System XP 32-bit on PC running FSC, Windows 7 64-bit on PC running FS2004 I have a working installation with FSX - no issues that I'm aware of. I have just installed FS2004 - after running the database manager, FSC finds only five airports: EDDH (only addon airport that I have installed so far for FS2004), and four stock airports in Spain (Gran Canaria, Hierro, La Gomera, and Lanzarote). No other airports are recognized. I'
  3. I have two monitors connected to my GT8800 - no Matrox. Tom
  4. Actually, on my 1½-year old system the opposite is true - I get the same or slightly better frame rates when running in window mode. I discovered this more or less by accident, after having used several generations of FS in full-screen mode only. So now I can actually get some work done while flying long-haul flights :) Tom
  5. I've just emailed it to you. Thanks for looking into this, Tom
  6. It is probably me, but I cannot get FSC (version 8.4.2) to show the layout of the taxiways and runways in the new Hamburg X scenery from Aerosoft. I have 1) Installed the new scenery 2) Started FSX and shut down again (scenery loads correctly) 3) Run the FSCFSXCFG.EXE utility 4) Verified that scenerycfg.fsx exists in the FSX root folder 5) Verified that it contains the scenery entry: [Area.195] Title=German Airports 3 Local=D:\FSX\aerosoft\German Airports 3 Active=TRUE Layer=195 Required=FALSE 6) Run the database manager 7) Verified that the flight simulator path and scenery libra
  7. There are plenty of those in flightsimming, as you will discover :D The G1000 in the default planes in FSX is rubbish. There is a much better one in the Flight1 Mustang (http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1mustang) - it does not include all features of the real-world unit, but what is implemented seems pretty solid to my untrained eyes (my real-world flying experience is as a passenger only). I have no idea if you can use it in the way you describe, but the product support forum is visited by the developers on a daily basis - you can find it here: http://mustang.flight1.net/forums
  8. I think this issue may be related specifically to FSX and PMDG aircraft. Maybe that is why this is coming up now - more and more users flying airline sims in FSX, particularly the MD-11? Re the rate of smoothing that I'm using: With the Level-D 767 and other compex addon aircraft smooting at the rate of a few knots per second works fine, but with the 747x and the MD-11 it has to be fractional knots per second to avoid altitude and speed excursions. The general advice in the PMDG forum seems to be to smooth at 8-10 seconds per knot change. (Currently I'm using 3 seconds per knot, but it doesn'
  9. I'm using FSUIPC wind smoothing only, not ASA's. Here is a typical scenario (just tried it again): I'm in cruise with winds apparently stable (i.e. wind vectors on display not changing). I open FSUIPC and immediately exit to FSX. Slam, a huge wind shift causing a 50kt drop in indicated airspeed. I was thinking that somehow, maybe because of the slow rate of change that I allow, wind changes got buffered somewhere by FSUIPC and then instantly released to the sim when I exited the menu. Anyway, as I said, not much of a problem, I was just wondering. Tom
  10. I'm using ASA with FSUIPC wind smoothing enabled in FSX with very good results. I have the smoothing set to 4 seconds per knot change which completely eliminates wind shift problems. However, I've noticed that if open an addon (e.g. open FSUIPC or edit PMDG failure options) while in flight, when I return to FSX I always get a big wind shift, resulting in an altitude and/or speed excursion. This is not much of a problem, but I'm wondering why it occurs. Is FSUIPC somehow buffering up changes that get released instantly when coming back from the addon? Tom
  11. Thanks for fixing this so promptly - much appreciated. Tom
  12. Didn't realize how much I depend on FSC to show me where the online controllers are :) Hope it gets resolved soon, Cheers Tom
  13. I'm using SuperTrafficBoard on a laptop computer connecting remotely to another computer running FSX with MyTrafficX 5.2. Everything seems to work fine, except that nothing happens when I select "depart now". For testing purposes I installed STB on the FSX computer. In this configuration "depart now" works as expected. Any ideas how I can get it to work from the laptop too? Thanks, Tom
  14. Marty, did you try this: http://www.mcdu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22204 Tom
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