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  1. Hi Pete, Yes it's because 5.11 was written that I didn't try to download Makerwys again :-). I've made the test with 5.126 with the same result (I'm using Notepad++ to view/edit xml files). Adding encoding <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> in runways.xml header fixed the problem with Super Traffic Board scenery scan :-). Regards, Skip.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that Makerwys 5.11 does not like Portuguese special character used in the folder name of latest ORBX/MK-Studios LPPD addon. In runways.txt all is OK: Area.414 "Ponta Delgada" (Layer=414) Path(Local/Remote)=L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\ORBX\MKStudios\MK_LPPD ============================================================================= L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\ORBX\MKStudios\MK_LPPD\scenery\LPPD_ADEP4_MK.bgl ============================================================================= But in
  3. No problem Simon. I suppose that FSUIPC "kill AI" function is using another way to work as HF2 had no impact on it. Skip.
  4. Hi, I confirm the Delete AI action makes P3Dv5 HF2 crash (Kernelbase.dll error). I was wondering if automatic traffic regulation made by STB could have the same effect? I remember having the same type of crash with HF2 while taking off on a busy airport (ENGM). So no STB client running during my next flight tomorrow :-(. Skip.
  5. You're welcome. After removing and reinstalling this ORBX package it's OK now. Skip.
  6. Pete, you were right as always! I found a Kernelbase.dll crash exiting prepar3d. The fault is on ORBX objectflow addon and I'll now investigate with them. Thanks for your help. Skip.
  7. Ok, here's the log. I've made the comparison with an old FSUIPC5 log and I can see that FSUIPC6 isn't closing properly. The last line is : 101984 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ... My P3D5 is still very "light" in terms of addons so it exits very fast. Is it possible that Prepare3d.exe is exiting so fast that FSUIPC6.dll doesn't have the time to finish the job? Skip. FSUIPC6.log
  8. Hum... The only difference was the "disable full screen optimization" not set in P3D5 (I remember I had to set this in P3D4 because I had issues with snapshots). I've just made the test with it and I've got the same result. P3D5 exits well (Chaseplane exits few seconds after) but the 3 programs launched by FSUIPC6 no: [Programs] Runif1=READY,HIDE,CLOSE,I:\P3Dtools\sadvX.exe Runif2=KILL,I:\P3Dtools\Greenshot\Greenshot.exe Runif3=READY,HIDE,CLOSE,I:\VRInsight\bin\SerialFP2.exe Skip.
  9. Hi, I've just upgraded to FSUIPC6 and now I'm using it for both P3D4 & 5 (separate installs but same settings, addon.xml method for both). With P3D5 it seems that the Kill or Close actions in Runif are not working. No problem with P3D4 (same behaviour than with FSUIPC5). Any idea of the cause? Thanks. Skip.
  10. This problem with all Feelthere products was introduced with P3D4.2 release. I was suspecting a Logitech wireless mouse driver compatibility issue but I still have the problem with a classical wired mouse. Today I'm flying P3D4.5 and this problem makes me feel that I'm using a low end computer with FPS fluctuations down to 15 where any other addon including TFDi 717 or PMDG 747-8 are running very smoothly. I hope the new E-jets will use another source code.... Skip.
  11. Mouse M560 wireless but the keyboard is wired. In fact it's the USB wireless plug-in which is the source of the problem I think. Just remove it and FPS become steady.
  12. Hi Fernando, I have almost all available good addon aircrafts on P3D4 and Feelthere ones are the only one where I have a real problem with FPS stuttering. AS CRJ and Airbus are in my opinion not concerned. I remember that the problem appeared on Feellthere after the P3D upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2. But now that now you found that only users with some Logitech mouses (and keyboards?) are concerned by this issue, I'm afraid that Feelthere won't investigate on this as they already wrote here. My concern I'll use another mouse during Feelthere aircraft flights and that's all. The strange thi
  13. I'm flying the E145XR right now and no more FPS stuttering problem just by unplugging my Logitech M560 USB receiver and using a HP wired mouse instead. By the way I found in the Feelthere documentation that "mouse butons and wheel are used to control the panel and 3rd parties mouse applications could have to be tuned....". In Logitech case it seems that there's no tuning to solve the conflict. Skip.
  14. Fernando, This sounds very interesting because I also use logitech Mouse + Keyboard!!! I tried to change many parameters in Logitech control panel but without solving the issue. Uninstalling Logitech drivers is not a solution as all other addons are working well and I need some specific features that SetPoint gives. Perhaps Feelthere will have an idea about the conflict source? Skip.
  15. Hi John, It's fixed with this new DLL. Thank you very much. Skip.
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