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  1. Hi All Not sure if this is the same problem I have I have FSX and FSC running on the same computer on a single screen, and I can switch between them left clicking using my mouse on the taskbar Therefore the other programme runs happily in the background until required, which is how it should be However my problem is that whenever I go online in FSC to download IVAO data, every time the data is refreshed the FSC screen becomes active on its own which is every few minutes and the only way I can stop it is to exit IVAO Will I have to use "tweakui" or is there someting in FSC that I can do I have checked and I do not have "always on top" switched on Regards Paul Vista 32 FSX FSC version 9
  2. Hi All I have been reading various threads regarding this issue, I still have 8.6 but am now confused about the cause? Some time ago Sacha wrote an article stating that the the problem was not with FSC but that of IVAO because there were servers listed in the download files that were not operational? So is the error with IVAO that they can address, or a problem with FSC 8.X ? Regards Paul
  3. I did not understand your comments? The question was about missing IVAO data not GPS data from FS I found the answer in the help section of the options window. For anyone else following this thread "Since your own aircraft will also appear as a static aircraft in the file downloaded from IVAO and VATSIM, it will ordinarily appear twice on the map. To prevent this, you can enter the call sign into the text box so that display of your own aircraft as a static aircraft will be suppressed"
  4. Hi all When connected to IVAO I used to see my callsign, height, and speed on the FS Commander map. I can see other aircraft on the map, but the only time I see myself now is when I connect using the GPS FSX FSUIPC Ver 4.6a FSC Ver 8.6 Build 010810 Aerosoft version Vista 32
  5. Hi I am having a problem registering FSC after computer rebuild The install accepts my registration key I put in, and loads the Database manager ok after that When I run the program it says I have an unregistered version? The registration key is correct as I have copied and paste from my Invoice? but I can only put it in when installing the software. If I try to put the key in after running the program in about / register I get an error message of "Run type error 13 type mismatch" Can you help please I am running FSX on Vista32 with Aerosoft download FSC version 8.2.1 the zip file is called FS Commander ASD-160 Regards Paul
  6. Hi Sascha. Thanks for that, Its strange though because it doesnt happen all the time? sometimes when in FSX I see the hour glass at the bottom of the screen going to indicate an IVAO download but the screen doesnt go back to FSC? Finally then, as you cannot stop it happening, and you cannot switch off the auto data downloads once you press the IVAO download button its best not to use this facility at all? Paul
  7. Hi FSX with FSUIPC ver 4.2 Aerosoft FSC 8.4 with Vista 32 Both programs running in seperate windows on one monitor How do I stop the FSC screen overiding the FSX screen I am viewing when the IVAO auto data download occurs I cannot find any reference to this either in the manual or this forum This is most distracting especially when it happens just when I am taking off and landing Paul
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