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  1. Hi Burkhard, any news for Kay-Tak lovers? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Thanks anywway for your help Burkhard!!!! No problem... I hope that some other who have installed this airport can give us some infos... Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi Burkhard, here we go: Does the editor show, in the departures tab, schedules for VHHX? > Yes Can these be found in MyTraffic\MyCommercialRoutes.dat ? > I think so: I've found many VHHX data, like in this: B773-CPA1 ,B­HNM , 99,ONE_DAY,IFR { 1024 ,ZWWW,310,786 1452 ,VHHX,310,786 1925 ,ZWWW,310,788 2353 ,VHHX,310,788 How big is the newly created MyTraffic\MyCommercialRoutes.dat ? > 7.404.575 byte Does the compilation produce a new MyTrafficCommercial.bgl? > Yes: one for DX9 and one for DX10 in MT Plans Directory (and last modify date matches my last compilation) How big is this file? > DX 9: 84.885.645 byte > DX 10: 63.947.313 byte This file gets copied over to the MyTraffic\scenery folder? > Yes since the last modifiy data matches the data of last compilation Thanks again for your support.
  4. Hi, I've set properly the security setting and run again the editor but still no traffic in Kay Tak...
  5. Hi Jaap, I've tried again but nothing happened... I've saved a new MTX_v51b with VHHX airport set as Cathay Pacific's 2nd Hub but still no traffic. My OS is Vista: how do I have to set the security level?
  6. Hi Burkhard, since 5.1b is out, can you help me with my issue with FSX-VHHX scenery?
  7. Thanks again for your prompt reply. I had already added to my FSX the great Jim Vile's VHHX scenery for gates,parkings etc. I've also flagged the "International" (and "Touristic" too) option in the VHHX window from the Airport\Edit menù of the Mytraffic Editor: after a new creation of schedule/file/traffic nothing happened yet... Kai Tak still empty... By the way: in the editor VHHX is listed as "B" (like VHHH anyway which is full of traffic) in the "Country" window...
  8. Hi Burkhard, I also have tried to make Kai-tak alive again but I didn'succeed... Here is what I've done: - Dumped Airports from FSX using Tools "Dump Airport" option - Opened My Traffic editor and imported the MTX_V51a.myt database - Imported Fsx Airports with "import Airport Txt" option (I've found Vhhx in tha airports list, so the import succeded) - Then edited the VHHX airport (for example I've flagged it as secondary hub for Cathay Pacific) - Clicked on the "Create Schedule, files, traffic" - After some hours I've saved on the same MTX_V51a.myt database (After have made a backup copy) - Closed My Traffic Editor and run FSX: no traffic in Vhhx... Where did I go wrong?
  9. Great! It works now! Thanks again to everybody.
  10. Thanks Jaap... given that my HD is partitioned in two volumes (C and D) so I have to reinstall all FSX on the default C? Or a copy-paste of all the FSX folder will be sufficent? A reinstallation from the scratch would be quite time-consuming...
  11. Thanks Guys for your help: this is a REAL support forum! Well, I've used the new dll file that Burkhard provided but nothing happened. I also tried to edit the file in order to enable the object placement as Burkhard suggested: from: Object Placement Tool True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Mission Creation Kit\object_placement.dll to: Object Placement Tool False False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Mission Creation Kit\object_placement.dll with no success. Could it be a path issue? My FSX is installed in a non-standard folder... Here are my paths: For SDK: C:\Programmi\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK For FSX: D:\Programmi2\FlightSimulator
  12. Thank mgbmike for your prompt reply: I tried what you suggested but still no Tool menu...
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