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  1. Since you usually get problems (like key not working) on this forum, I thought I'd let you know what's going on after a few days of testing. First, I found it works better by itself without wmpro. I have a very mediocre rig (Sempron 2600/1.6 gig, nvidia 6200, 1 gig ram) so I've been having difficulties getting fs9 to run well. I've been getting poor frame rates, especially with cloudy/rainy/snowy weather. Blurries have been driving me crazy. Can't see autogen in a city more than a half mile or so. I've spent hours trying to improve it and was just about ready to spend $500 on an upgrade. After installing fsuipc and setting it up, mainly the visibility, I found the frame rates are now acceptable in all weather conditions. I can see autogen several miles out. Then after starting the fs9.cfg from scratch and testing, the blurries are virtually gone. So spending $30 on fsuipc saved me $500 in upgrades.
  2. That was the hint I needed. By zooming to 120% I was barely able to discern the S was actually a 5. Impossible to tell the difference at 100%. One more question. I have Weather Maker Pro. It lists a number of fsuipc options like wind etc. Is it necessary to run wmpro to get these options or will fsuipc do it by itself?
  3. I just registered fsuipc3. Went to complete the process by entering the information in the module and was given the notice that the key was not valid. I've double checked everything three times (including going online to check the key) and still no luck. Can you help? Edit: I checked and the digital signature is ok. This is from the log: ********* FSUIPC, Version 3.75 by Pete Dowson ********* Running on Windows Version 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 2 Verifying Certificate for "C:\Games\FlightSim\MODULES\FSUIPC.dll" now ... SUCCESS! Signature verifies okay! Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL) User Name="Richard Elberger" User Addr="rich12545@gmail.com" FSUIPC not user registered WIDEFS not user registered, or expired Module base=61000000 ClassOptions: UIPCMAIN=FF7F, FS98MAIN=FF7F, FS2KMAIN=FF5E WeatherOptions(Orig)=0000B027[0000B027] InitDelay: 0 seconds WeatherReadInterval=4 LogOptions=00000001
  4. Pete, not to beat a dead horse, but this is a case of poor service and poor communication from SimMarket. Not a misunderstanding. I originally ordered with my Visa debit card. They came back and said it was blocked. No mention at all that they don't accept debit cards. I don't like to use paypal because it's my wife's business account. I once tried to set up my own but paypal won't because it's the same debit card and checking account. So I followed your suggestion in the documentation and used my debit card with paypal. It looked like it went through fine. There was no button to complete the transaction that I could see. It looked like it was done. I received a receipt from SimMarket. It said I would receive another email to let me know that I could download the key. When I did not receive it within 24 hours I started a trouble ticket and the result is above. Poor service. Poor communication. And rudeness. Look at the tone in their last response. Not the kind of thing you'd expect from a company wanting your business. I'm sorry there is no other outlet to order fsuipc. This is a lose-lose situation. I don't get your product and you don't get my money.
  5. I agree. A Visa/MC debit card is advertised as usable anywhere. This whole thing is weird. After I wrote a trouble ticket inquiring about my key, this is their response: Paypal has not passed any payment to us, therefore we cannot deliver your order. please check with Paypal and eventually reorder directly with your credit card, without using Paypal. Sorry for the inconvinience. So after declining my card, they are telling me to use it. Here's what I wrote back: I can't reorder using my credit card. You won't take it. You say it's blocked. I wrote to you about it and you never answered. So how can I get this product? Their answer: The answer is the same we gave you last time: we do not accept debit cards, please use PayPal as with your last order Why you didn't complete the PayPal transaction is out of our knowledge They FINALLY told me they don't accept debit cards. However, according to the previous post, only some debit cards. My final response: 1. It looked like the paypal transaction was completed. and 2. You sent me a receipt so it seemed the deal was done. 3. If you don't accept debit cards, you should say so on your main page. 4. When I submitted my debit card, you should have said you don't accept them instead of just saying it was blocked. 5. You people are extremely rude. Pete, if there's some other place or some other way I can order fsuipc for fs9, I will be pleased to do so. I am not going to do business with SimMarket.
  6. I did try to retrieve my key after I didn't receive it within 24 hours. It wasn't there. That's when I did my second trouble ticket. There was a thread about fsuipc on the SimForum board so I told my woes. Someone advised I post here, that you might be able to help since it was your product. That made sense so I did. If you can't help, I haven't lost anything. I don't hide my name. I'm not ashamed of anything. Almost everyone uses a nick name on internet forums, less so on flight sim ones though. I've been using rich12545 (first name and dob 12-5-45) for years on many different gaming forums. If you sent my post to SimMarket it will include my order number. That should be enough for them to identity me.
  7. Hi, I have been trying for a few days to buy fsuipc3 (fs9). First I used my Visa debit card. This is the same card that my wife and I use on the internet all the time to buy stuff. SimMarket wouldn't accept it. They said it's blocked. I did a trouble ticket about it. They sent me a stock answer that didn't mean anything and suggested I use paypal. I responded to their response and never heard back. Then I ordered using paypal. This went through and my order number is 396784. I was sent a receipt. When I didn't get a key within 24 hours I filled out another trouble ticket. They said they didn't get paid from paypal and now not to use paypal but to use a credit card. All I have is a Visa debit card that is good all over except SimMarket. I just responded to their response about this. Maybe I'll hear from them or, like the previous time, maybe I won't. If you can solve this so I can get a key, I would greatly appreciate it.
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