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  1. sorry where are these bgl files-in traffic folder? tu Qas
  2. many thanks for the advise- I will try it this weekend Qas
  3. another question-My inbound flights all seem to have 2 planes very close together trying to land. Neither land-and this creates an empty airport. Any ideas how can I resolve this. I remember somewhere it said to delete a bgl file- can't remember which one. Sorry with all these issues-you can tell I am new here. :razz: Qas
  4. many thanks-will do over the weekend Qas
  5. hi, thank you for the reply. sorry I thought there was something in my traffic. This slider I have at about 60%. I am seeing lots of traffic-but Dubai it's all emirate planes,. In other places I see different airlines. thank you for your reply. Qas
  6. Hi. thank you for the reply. i am using the summer 2015 schedules. I am not familiar with the commercial traffic slider. Can you please advise where it is. Many thanks Qas
  7. Hi everyone I have just managed to install and getting running my traffic 6a. I have only loaded it twice at Dubai, I only see emirate planes-no other airlines. Can you please advise what to select to see all airlines . Many thanks. Qas
  8. Hi All Thanks for your comments-I run the 'runonce' batch file again and it seems to have solved the the problem. I see a good number of AI's on the ground now-not many are coming into land,hopefully I will be able to sort this later. Qas
  9. Hi everyone I just installed my traffic x 5.1 and to my shock and horror have lost all,yes all my Ai traffic. My traffic slider in fsx is 100%,I have pushed the tool slider to 100% and still no Ai trafffic,at every airport I am the only plane. I had no problems,errors during installing. I followed the following steps. 1 Install my traffic in fsx folder. 2 Add the line into the fsx.config 3 add my traffic in fsx scenery. 4 amend the dll file for the tools. I have tried to adjust the traffic slider but still no traffic. Can some one please tell me what is going on. qas
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