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  1. Been using your product for a while now, just wanted to say thanks for the continued work and the discounted price for upgrades! It is well worth the money spent!
  2. Hey I noticed that prepar3d has a new lower cost liscense... My question is I know that with FSX it required the SDK to change your routes. Since this new version of prepar3d isn't a developer edition does mytraffic work with it, or do you need the developer edition? Sorry for my ignorance I haven't tried it out yet but saw the new pricing and it peaked my interest.
  3. Hey I am a pretty casual flight simmer, and I have been away for about a year, but I love the 3rd party addons. I think this MTX is by far my favorite and the last version I bought was 5.3. Now that we know the landscape for the foreseeable future, how is performance in P3D? I have all but given up on FSX because any driver past 197 and it seems like all I get are "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working." I am willing to do the payment plan on P3D but I am wondering are we seeing better performance? Flying with 50% traffic even in Anchorage, AK can get pretty demanding in ol' FSX, is
  4. Hey love your guy's product over here... I was looking to upgrade from 5.2B and I really was tossing around which way to go with UT2 or 5.3 pro, I decided to go with what I know 5.3 so I am in the middle of downloading it.... Now I see you and UT2 advertising "flights in FSX format," what exactly do you mean by that and how does it differ from 5.2?
  5. Wow what a difference at PAEI... Thanks for the heads up on this one falcon! :D
  6. Hey I just looked in that scenery folder inside mytraffic... and I do have 51b but mine folder goes from PAED directly to PAEN... No PAEI in between them. If you ever get a chance to post the one you are talking about I will definitely take a look at it, but I have distinct feeling you might be mistaken. I know I downloaded that same program you have (airport design editor)... I was actually surprised how user friendly it is... But once I actually saw the base and how it has taxi ways that don't connect to anything... I realized they really snuffed that one off. I just put a few milcargo and
  7. Hey son you are in restricted airspace with that glider! Alright I will go home and experiment with an Airport editor, I feel a little red in the cheeks that I didn't check to see if there was parking :oops: Last night was the first time I even opened up the traffic editor so I have much to learn. I will add my 2 cents to the 5.1b military wish list thread... We Alaskan's get so neglected!
  8. Alright I am a total newb at this traffic editing, even though it is pretty self explanitory the files and their places are not. My first question is, now that I have version 51b, are the previous .myt files still necessary? Because now I have MXt50.myt, mxt51a.myt, and mxt51ab.myt (actual names may vary, at work right now). Which myt file should I be editing and can I delete the other ones? I got the whole dumping of airport lists and what not but where do you need to have the new airport file once mytrafficeditor recompiles it? and what is the default location that it puts it?... All I know
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