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  1. Yeah, I'm coming to the tech forum for support with a problem with the publisher. The reason I am coming here is they provide NO OTHER WAY than the ticket system to contact them. I can't log in, so I can't use the ticket system. I know this is not what this board is for, but there is no other point of contact for help. I bought FSC and need to redownload, but my password isn't working and their password reset isn't sending out e-mail for some reason (although their sales e-mails are coming in just fine.) I've tried 5 times in the past three hours and gotten no e-mail from them to reset my password. (I've done this before, so I know how it's supposed to work.) If anybody can help me get a password reset sent to my e-mail on file with Simmarket, I would appreciate it.
  2. Please advise where I can download the no-yokes version of e-jets. Thank you. Michael J Lawrence
  3. Before I start, please know that: a. I have read the manual on how to download NATRACKs including checking to make sure they are going to the correct folder (//FSC/database) b. I have confirmed the web page is current, accesible and shows NAT information. c. I have manually download the page from inside the browser to the correct folder (again, //FSC/database) d. I have tried both .htm and .mht extensions. e. I have read every post in this forum on the topic that I can find. Now that you know that I have worked hard to answer my own question, here is the problem. (I am using FSC 8.6) 1. I verify in the downloads page that the URL for NATtracks download is: https://www.notams.faa.gov/common/nat.html. (If you click on this link, you will see that it works.) 2. I use the download option in the program: Tracks/Download NATrack. No errors. 3. When I show the NATtracks, they are the 2009 version that shipped with the program, as is North Atlantic Tracks.htm and .mht in the //FSC/database folder. This seems to indicate the download is not actually happening. 4. The referenced URL opens in my browser at the same time. Plan B: 1. I save the file directly from the browser as both North Atlantic Tracks.htm and North Atlantic Tracks.mht. 2. I confirm the files show the new date in the //FSC/database folder. 3. In FSC, when I try to open the tracks, I get an error message: error reading in Nattrack file! 4. When I click to show the routes again, I get the same error, but the correct date is shown, matching the dates of the new file. 5. After a few times, it reverts back to the 2009 version automatically. Any ideas?
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