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  1. Thanks for replies so far. I'm using the sim at normal rate. The only thing I can find on the Board like this is where AI reloaded every 20 secs (much more than I'm finding). The answer was to delete the exe.xml whixh I can't do as it has things I need (Saitek panel exes etc). FSUIPC was also mentioned although I can't see how this would affect the AI. Any other thoughts welcome!
  2. After using MyTraffic without a problem for years, I moved everything to a new computer. Since then during a flight the screen goes black and I get the 'Loading air, land and sea traffic...' box again. This loads and takes me back to the cockpit as though nothing has happened. In a 45 minute flight, this can happen twice or ten times. It doesn't happen at all if I disable MyTraffic. I've tried reducing the amount of traffic, moving MyTraffic to the best place in the Scenery Library, reducing other settings etc all without any success. It doesn't freeze or CTD but it's very annoying. Seems to make no difference whether it's default or add-on aircraft/scenery in use. Help! Roy
  3. Any news on those of us that bought Aerosoft 5.2 to upgrade at a discount?
  4. Sorry Gentlemen, you're all absolutely right and the problem is with the statics. I thought they were AI since I didn't check the box to install statics. I've now reinstalled twice and I still get the statics! Still, not a topic for this board, enless someone has a bright idea!
  5. And it's also happening with just AI aircraft....
  6. I'm getting this problem at Aerosoft Hannover on 5.2 - Air Berlin is the AI, the United DC3 is the user aircraft. I've tried making the BR2_ EDDV.bgl file passive but it doesn't fix it.
  7. I took your advice and upgraded to 5.2. However, I still have some invisible AI - Tupolev 154 and Dornier 328, for example, when I use the aircraft shadows. I thought ALL aircraft in 5.2 were fully compatible - or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I've tried it both ways and, without shadows on, all AI are there. Looks like I'll have to go for 5.2 since I like to see the shadows. Are there still shedules in 5.2 for Tempelhof, since I think 5.2 came out after it's closure? (I'm keeping Tempelhof open!!!)
  9. Simon It's Aerosoft's Hamburg. It is quite nice, but it seems a bit dated now compared to some of the more recent Aerosoft airports. It doesn't have that really gritty feel of my personal favourite, Dream Team Zurich. Roy
  10. Burkhard Missing aircraft are: ATR42 Bombadier CARJ BAE 46 Boeing B752 McD Douglas MD11 Douglas DC8 There may be others at different airports/schedules. The attached screenshot shows that other AI aircraft are perfect! I'm running FSX + Acceleration on Vista 64 bit, MyTraffic 5.1 with the two updates. Roy
  11. No, it's not the shadows problem - I'd guess that 90% of the AI is perfect. It's just that a few are invisible...
  12. I have recently found that some MyTraffic AI aircraft are invisible! They show up on Flight Sim Commander, ATC talks to them, you can even follow where they should be using the Super Traffic Board View AI - but on the FSX screen they are not there. This is both incoming and outgoing AI - the incoming AI actually show smoke from the tyres - but no aircraft are visible. I'm NOT talking about the deletion of AI if they wait to taxi too long etc. This is different. It seems to happen on both default and add-on airports. I have the AI slider well up as I like lots of AI. Roy
  13. Thanks, I'll try that. The Tegel problem was a package I thought I'd deleted but it had left a .bgl file behind. Tegel is now fine with good MyTraffic aircraft.
  14. For Tegel it's the stock FSX version. Since posting yesterday, I've just installed Aerosoft's Dortmund (in German Airports 2). There seems to be a couple of instances of two AI aircraft using the same stand and merging together. Has this been reported before?
  15. EDDT Tegel, Berlin - has lots of MyTraffic AI in the parking area but none around the terminal buildings where the gates should be. In fact, in free flight the gates are not listed for Tegel only the parking. Is this just me or is this a general problem? And is there a fix? Roy
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