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  1. Does the CTD problem still exist with ATC addons conflicting with default ATC?
  2. Hi, is it still required in FSX with fsuipc v4 to enter the removeatc=yes line in the .ini file? I am planning to use PFE for ATC. Stan
  3. Sorry Pete I guess I got confused myself. I disabled the PFC by unchecking the whole set I made a profile in FSUIPC sending axis throttle control to FS. The engines respond to this axis, the throttles do not. they won't move.This is the same scenario as when using the PFC driver. I guess the Airsimmer bus just doesn't like either setup.I see a bunch of other people having this as well. Thanks for your help Stan
  4. I should also make clear what the anomaly is here.using the PFC quadrant, the engines respond to throttle input.The throttle levers in the VC do not.The autothrust system seems to fight the inputs from the PFC quadrant leaving the flight a mess!Airsimmer states the acft is incompatible with FSUIPC?I don't get this.Are other Airbus A320 models suffering from anything like this?
  5. Thank you Pete,I must have done something wrong then.After setting axis in FSUIPC I still don't see the axis in the controls/joystic axis menu.The quadrant still functions as it did before.Any chance you could walk me through so I can see where I went wrong?
  6. I tried that Pete,No help.I guess the throttle must be set as an axis in the FS menus and I can't figure out a way to make that happen.
  7. Hi All, I recently purchased the Airsimmer A320.I love this acfts realism, but it is virtually unflyable due to the fact that I use a PFC serial throttle quadrant and I can't get it to play nice with the scarebus. Has anyone been able to find a workaround for this? I've tried the airsimmer forums............Crickets.They've known about this problem since 2009. Fsuipc, v 3.99z8, PFC.dll v2.41, XP64, FS9
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