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  1. Hello All. I apologise for having to ask these two questions. Whether it's a pensioner fade or not I'm not sure but I should be able to recall, never mind. 1. I have the registered version of FSUIPC. I only bought it last year. I have the numbers written down. Should I download and use the numbers you gave me last year or not? 2. My computer from last year has packed a sad and I have lost my hard drive. I have bought this new one which contains SSD. I split the SSD in half. C:\ is for rubbish and D:| is where I have FSX and other games. Do I install FSUIPC into the D:\ drive? does it matter where in the drive it's installed? Again I apologise for having to ask two simple questions but unfortunately I cannot recall and I don't have anyone to ask. Regards, Jim.
  3. Hello Pete. Blame the medication, I am !!!!, thanks very much for your reply Pete. I was getting so confused, late in the afternoon and all that. I really appreciate what you have said, and I understand. I just felt FSUIPC played an important part years ago, obviously I was wrong. Thank you once again. Jim zl2bmh.
  4. Hello All. I am sure I used this great proram 3-4 yrs ago, before I took ill. Now I've forgotten completely what to do. I'm trying to get plan-g to marry up with FSX. It looks as though I have to purchase the FSUIPC, and the within file wide 7. I also need to buy the FSClient. It is being advertised as a bundle but I cannot get it to show at the pay counter. It shows just one or the other, but I need both apparently. How do I put both on the counter so to speak, and pay for it as a bundle. Thank you for any help I receive. Jim,ZL2BMH
  5. Hello All. I am starting to find the updates quite confusing and therefore hoped somebody can put me back on the straight and narrow. I have FSC X, so what updates do I need to install after this? Many thanks, Jim.
  6. Hello All. Can someone please tell me why I do not get sound once the FSC reduced screen overlay's the FSX screen and how to fix it. I am running W7 with FSC9 ( the latest version). Regards, Jim
  7. Please disregard this post as I see an answer has already been given to this question. Please don't be to long in attaching it as I need all the help I can get !! but I 'love' the earlier version even though I din't use it properly but this time I aim to. It looks fantastic. Jim.
  8. Hello All. In v9 manual it states where you can watch a 'learning video' but I'm afraid I cannot find it (FSCommander.com). Can someone point me in the right direction. ta. Jim
  9. Mr Renk. It I purchase the 'boxed' version am I going to be told that I'm not in the top 10% who are bright and the rest of us are dummies? zl2bmh.
  10. Kia Ora, Hello Peter. Thank you for a very quick reply and thank you too for making such a valuable tool and in most cases free too. I'm still bumbling about and trying to get FSFlying School to work as it looks to be a very handy weapon to help you fly correctly. Well I went to where it is installed C:\ Program Files\ FSFlyingSchool. The only mention of FSUIPC was a .dll file which had version It states in the manual of FSFS that it must have v4 and over for FSX which is what I have. Would I have stumbled over something here? I just wish I knew what I was talking about. Haere Ra, Bye for now. Jim.
  11. Hello All. Just a couple of days ago I posted for the same reason but it became obvious that I did'nt put enough info in, so here goes again. I have just bought FSFlying School v1.9.2. for FSX. It contains a FSUIPC v 4.28. When I click on FSUIPC two screens come into view. The back one says "looking in registry for flt sim X install path H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" etc, and that's about all I can get from it as the other smaller screen blocks it out and this smaller screen says "Your FSX installation is incorrect ! The version of simconnect installed will not load FSUIPC. You may need to repair the FSX installation to rectify this first" I uninstalled my FSX program and a couple of add-ons that I had. I carefully reinstalled everything again but alas I get exactly the same reply. I am not computer literate, I'm a pensioner and getting on in years and computers are very new to me but I think I've reinstalled everything right. Any help will really be appreciated. Jim. New Zealand.
  12. Hello All. I have just purchased FSFlying School. When I tried to download the FSUIPC4 a sign came up and said:" Your FSX installation is incorrect. The version of SimConnect installed will not load FSUIPC4. You may need to repair the FSX installation to rectify this first "" When I initially loaded FSFlying School I got this message so I uninstalled everything then reinstalled later and still got this message. Any help would be very much appreciated. Jim
  13. hello Hello Jaap. I am really looking forward to going home and get into My Traffic X as it looks to be a terrific addon, and the comments by owners are so possitive. I have thought about the incident both Burkhard and I were involved in and I'm in no doubt that there has been a gross .mis-understanding. I am fairly new to flight simming even though I have bought programs since it's inception, I never had the time to go into it deeply like many have, being a sole charge police officer was very demanding ( ask your local country cop!!). I am sure Burkhard thought that I'd had the choice of where I could buy it, yet it was only when I was browsing the internet that I saw it and ordered a copy there and then. I did not know that you could buy it elsewhere and in particular his business and therefore get all this help. I thank you both for your help since then. As I have mentioned I look forward to getting this program up and running and then move onto that ' realAir'. Kind regards to you both, Ka kite ano, Jim,,
  14. Hello Jaap. First of all I thank you for your PM, I really appreciate that. Secondly, I tried to send you a PM and all hell broke loose. Oh gosh, I hope everything is still in order. Regards and many thanks Jim.
  15. Dear Jaap. Thank you for a very nice and infomative note, I appreciate it. What I don't like being called is a 10% un-intelligent type who buy's the box model. As mentioned before I am not un-intelligent, just because I cannot help it if I am severely disabled, I didn't ask to be like this. Again thank you Jaap, I should have asked for help from you at the start. Youré obviously a nice guy Jim.
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