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  1. Thanks for the reply Pete, some more question if you don't mind :) Would it be possible to create a something inside of FS that would communicate to my external .Net application. For example, I would make a button/switch inside of FS (like a gauge) and when pressed my .Net application would do something. What Im trying to get at is that I need something to communicate with my external application from within FS. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I have already been able to use the FSUIPC .Net DLL to read FS values from my .Net application. What I want to do now is to make a .Net application, but integrate it inside of FS2004 and read values via FSUIPC (sort of like a gauge) I'm not sure if you any of you have used FSINN but they integrate an application inside of FS2004/FSX. Now don't get me wrong, I know that if I'm making a program from within FS2004 then why use FSUIPC to read values if its already within FS2004. So would it be possible to make a .Net program run from within FS without FSUIPC? If anyone can get me going in the right direction I would appreciate it :P Alex
  3. Thanks Pete :D I fixed the problem, It was giving me an error because I was trying to convert the substring like if it was a frequency etc... when it was zero. I do however have another question. My question is as follows, my program is run before FS is ran. When the user wants to start the program main function, they click a "Start" button. My program then minimizes to the tray and begins a timer. The timer then scans if fs9.exe or fsx.exe are running. Once one of those are running then my program tries to open FSUIPC via the fsuipcconnection.open() command. The issue is that I am receiving the Error 12 exception which states something about FSUIPC error sending. How do I connect to FSUIPC without have to manually do so after FS has loaded. Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. Hi everyone, I am using phenty's VB .Net dll to communicate with FSUIPC. What I am trying to do is to read the FS Com2 frequency, and I have already managed to do that via the code below... Dim com2bcd As Offset(Of Short) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Short)(&H3118) FSUIPCConnection.Process() Dim com2String As String = com2bcd.Value.ToString("X") com2String = "1" & com2String.Substring(0, 2) & "." & com2String.Substring(2, 2) me.label1.text = com2string The issue is that this code can only be executed when a flight has been loaded, in other words when the aircraft has loaded and not from the FS main menu. If I execute while FS is in the main menu I get a .Net error which I understand because a Com2 frequency is not present. My question now is if there is a way to detect that FS has loaded a flight and is not in the Main Menu anymore. This way I can add an If...End statement in my timer and check whether an FS flight has loaded and if it has then get the com2 frequency but if it has not loaded then continue the timer until it loads. I hope you understand what I am trying to do :D Thanks in advance, Alex
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