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  1. Hallo Burkhard! How were the holidays? I have a question about MyTrafficX Editor. Can I add a new airport (which exists in FSX airport list) in the airport list to make traffic in this? Thanks!
  2. Ok, I'm sorry, I have already found the solution to the problem. The date in 'Set Ini file' in the Info box, still stood on 0 instead of 2008. After changing this, everything works again like it should do :) Entschuldigung! And anyway, thank you for having a look at it.
  3. Hi, Here I am again with a new problem.. Yesterday, when I wanted to try a myt file in FSX, I couldn't see any flight schedule in the "departure time window". So when I ran FSX, I didn't see any flight (after having saved & created all files and traffic). In MyTrafficX Editor, I can only see the time of departure (in the "departure time window"), but I don't see anything else (company, destination & date). I really don't understand how these dates can have disappeared, because I didn't do anything special, apart from having used the new version of MyTrafficX that you've sent me. Vielen Dank. Tschüss!
  4. Wow! I wait your answer for a week, and you are really fast! I correct the flight numbers & also I have 35 weekly schedules. I'm going to investigate if there are airports without requirements for B-737-800, in the other 5 weekly schedules. If in a future version, you want the program schedules, I'll give you gratefully these. I'm finishing with the currently schedules of Ryanair. But I take into account the weekly schedule problems like you say me. And thanks for this version of MyTrafficX. Thanks for all!
  5. Hi Burkhard! I was finishing my exams, and I couldn't work in my project with Ryanair. But today, I finished with the schedules from London Stansted (EGSS) and I would like that you can help me to import all the flight plan. There are 40 aircrafts with a weekly schedule programmed. However, only I can import 19 forks, after to increase the slots per runway. I proved changing the order of forks, but it is not the case. Also I modified all the airports where Ryanair operates to have Gates avalaible & runways for B-737-800. I attach the file, but I know that you are busy with the new version of MyTraffic. So when you can, please could you have a look? Thanks! Ryanair-EGSS Completo RealSchedule.rar
  6. I'm blind... Capacity: 301.0000000 Usage: 20.0000000 so... I modified the "Ini variables" increasing the slots per runway variable by 20%. And after this, the number of forks increased. Now are 16. But to arrive until 40, I need to increase 200% the slots per runway. The manual says that it creates over-congestion at the main hubs. But now I'm working only with Ryanair. Really is a problem? Thanks
  7. Hallo Burkhard! In edit airport dialog, only I can see in Parking Information the Number of Gates, but I don't see the slots per Gate. in EGSS there are 36 Gates, but I added 23 Gates more with ADE. I don't know if it is like you want explain me. Neither I don't see the usage. P.D. After to close the dialog, I see in MyTraffic database, two lines more: - Number of used slots: 40 - Total Number of slots: 670870 Always I delete autogenerated, preferred and random flights before importing forks. :S I don't know why the database doesn't read all the forks.
  8. Can I verify personally if there are free slots? And is impossible to add more schedules if the capacity limit is reached? Really impossible? Problably it's the problem, because when I import the first 13 schedules together, these are added to the database. But when I add the next 8 schedules, these are not added to the database. Thanks.
  9. Sorry, I have to do the same question again. I have some problems to import forks in MyTrafficX Editor. The editor doesn't recognize some forks. I thought that maybe the problem was with the Gates in some airports. But it's not really like I expected. Ok, I'm going to explain with an example: I'm doing the schedules for Ryanair in EGSS (London Stansted). I estimated 40 planes in EGSS (Ryanair Base), to create all the routes. I adjusted the schedules the best I knew, and then I started to create the schedules from Airline>Manage. After to create 21 different schedules, when I import all the forks together, the database counts 13. What reasons could explain this? Thanks again!
  10. Dag Burkhard! I think that I found the problem... I'm not sure, but maybe is the process to Import Airports... When I'm going to import forks, I do this process before Import Airports. So, this way shows me some forks less, when I import. Maybe the correct form is Import Airports before to Import Forks. But with Ryanair there are a lot of airports without "Small Gates" (Radius=18.0M) for B-737-800, some airports with Parking "Ramp_Large" (Radius=18.0M). I'm modifying the airports (Parking) to be ok. To end, I've seen in MyTraffic Editor in "Airport>Edit" --> "Parking Information", to click the option "Use Gates", "Use Ramps"... maybe I can click "Ramps" to use "Ramp_Large" without modifying parkings in some airports. Do you think that Ryanair will use these, or only "Gates"? Excuse me for disturbing you. Thanks
  11. I attach the fork with departures and arrivals (from & to LEGE). The first 9 are departures from LEGE. The last 4 are departures from other airport to LEGE. If I "import forks" in the editor, only the editor imports the first 9 schedules (with the "departures from LEGE"). If I change LEGE --> LERS or LEBL in last 4 schedules, the editor imports all the schedules. Thanks for all! Ryanair - Schedules (from & to LEGE) - Real Routes.rar
  12. Hola! I have a bit problem, not important, with the editor. Sometimes, when I import the forks, the editor doesn't recognize the schedule for a concret fork. This happens me, everytime I do a schedule (from airport>manage) with the airport LEGE (Barcelona-Girona). If the schedule contains the ICAO "LEGE", when I "import forks" then, the editor doesn't add the fork to the database. So I have to change to other near airport. I should say, that I created some schedules from "LEGE" before, without problems. But then when I try to add others schedules to "LEGE", the editor doesn't add the forks to the database. I modified before the airport "LEGE" to give more SMALL GATES. So now, the airport has 16 SMALL GATES, and there are 9 Aircrafts B-737-800, which operates from LEGE (like Base) to other airports. Instead, I have other aircrafts from other bases to LEGE, which I have to change to other near airport, because the editor doesn't add the forks. What reasons could explain this?
  13. I repaired the error. I didn't know that I had to dump the airport list every time I did changes in the airports. I did the following steps like this: - Dump Airport List in FSX - Open myt database - Import forks - Import airports.txt - Export airports.dat - Save - Create all files... And it works ok. Thanks Burkhard for all!
  14. I don't know why I had an error when I tried this yesterday. But now it's ok. Then I exported to MyAirports.dat. This is the new MyAirports.dat: EDLV,51.602414064,6.142172366,32.0,D,1,0.70,Germany { #LOGI 1 0 #LAND D #NAME Niederrhein - Düsseldorf RUNWAY, 7987,150,HARD RUNWAY, 1400,120,SOFT PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,18.0,GATE PARKING,14.0,GATE PARKING,10.0,RAMP PARKING,10.0,RAMP } But the unexplainable error continues "Unable to find available parking at EDLV for Boeing 738 NyPaint77". Maybe I did something wrong. Thanks! :wink:
  15. After import the airports.txt in MyTraffic Editor, I see a box with the name of a country, it's normal?
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