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  1. Thank You! Any idea what is going on with the DEVID problem that I reported with FS2004? Adam
  2. What I mean with the PACOTS is that when I look at the web page that I save them from, I can see the west bound routes. But when I save and then display them, it is only the eastbound tracks that display. Doesn't matter what time of day that I try to save them at, they just don't display. But I see the Eastbound tracks. Adam
  3. FOr some reason the PACOTS heading west are not being displayed. PACOT East tracks all appear to be intact. Also I am running into problems with FS2004 in the waypoint DEVID causing flight plans not being able to be loaded in FS2004. I am 100% sure that it is the waypoint DEVID. When I removed it from a KJFK-WSSS or KJFK-VTBD flight plan, I was able to load the flightplan. 1. FS2004(FS9) 2. FSUIPC: Unknown and not sure how to retrieve 3. Unknown how to get database version. 4. Aerosoft version F, Version 8.5 build 140409 5. XP Adam
  4. Has anyone else noticed that NATrack website has been completely blank for the past couple of days (maybe even longer). Is it me or the no data thing is indicating a problem? Adam
  5. When I made the flight plan from KJFK to WSSS flying over the North Pole using the waypoint DEVID, when I transfered the it to FS9 and tried to load it up, I got nothing, as if the flight plan was not loaded. From what I was able to tell, the problem is with the waypoint DEVID, and because of it the flight plan will not load into FS9. Concerning the log, Does the airspeed need to be less than 60 kts in order for it to be recorded, meaning that using lets say the PMDG 747 that on touchdown it will not record the speed? Thank you Adam
  6. Noted that none of my Polar route flight plans that use the DEVID waypoint (Did confirm that it was DEVID by just having a flightplan just using DEVID as the Waypoint between KJFK and WSSS.) will load into FS9.1. Was able to get around the problem by placing Devid in Manually in FS9 flight plan editor. It has in the past worked. Using FS9, 8.4.2 build 171208, Aerosoft version F. Don't know if this is new for 8.4.2 or 8.4 in general. I just loaded KJFK-WSSS for the first time the other day. I am also having a problem with the weather, I can't get it at all. And flightsim 9.1 quiting without warning when I have both FSCommander running and FS9 Running. (But then again, I have also had that happen when FSC is not running, so that maybe a non-issue. And finally flight times are not logging the time of touchdown at most airports. Adam
  7. Thanks, Build is 010908. Thank you for getting back to me. Adam
  8. Went to download the PACOT information, and after the download, I get a message saying Error download again. This is no matter which way or which browser I use to download the tracks. Occationally I get a message that says runtime error 53. I am using the Boxed version of FS Commader and have version 8.4 on my computer. Thanks in advanced. Adam
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