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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say the update is superb. I'm still testing: quality of a/c is very good and the traffic around the globe is improved (tried N.America, Caribbeans, Russia and France). Excellent work Burkhard. As a side note: I have all the AI Traffic prgs Commercial & freeware. So I know which one does what in terms of quality of a/c (visual) while still retaining FPS and the world coverage also. As it is I might go back to MyTraffic 5.2bPro. Have a nice day, Pierre
  2. Verify that you have France VFR scenery installed in the area. Like Guadeloupe & Martinique or others. and yes, it will affect TNCM. They use afcad files that are non fsx compliant. Quick fix is to disable them or make them compliant using afcad tools. Pierre
  3. Thanks Burkhard. It works ok now. Sorry for the trouble. Pierre
  4. Tks Burkhard. Understood, I will not uninstall. I have now found some tools to view/modify BGL's that work in Vista64, so I'll do my bit of work too (not my field though) Pierre
  5. Should have though of that before. 1. Deleted BR2_CYVR.bgl and the jetways are all there (at very dense) and so is the traffic and no double taxiway signs. Question? Why is that ? (I don Pierre
  6. Follow-up. 1. Updated to 51b. No joy. Back to square ONE. 2. About to restart installation of FSX, but will wait for your comment. Pierre
  7. Additional observations: 1. Reloaded FSX, moved to YVR, unchecked scenery in MyLibrary and the Jetways are present and so is the Traffic from MYT ????? 2. Moved to CYYC (with same settings as above) and I get jetways and NO traffic. Now, that is expected behaviour!!! 3. Uninstalled MYT as per procedure. Reload FSX, move to YVR : Jetways are there but no traffic, that is expected behaviour. 4. Installed MYT5.1. Reload FSX, move to YVR: Jetways are there and so is MYT traffic. That is almost expected behaviour: the culprit is I get double taxiway signs ?????? About to upgrade to 5.1b and see the results. Triple checked security and everything is a OK. I am the Admin and I have full control
  8. Tks for answering Burkhard. I cfm, there are no jetways at setting very dense or extremely dense (or any other setting). Full animation is set. I have double checked that I have full control over the FSX folder, but I will triple check and report back. Note: I have opened up APX15140.bgl and it shows that the jetways are there with their scenery density settings ????? I am not using any add-ons (yet) just MYT. This is a pristine setup: machine, OS and FSX. However, I'm learning a lot about the "security features" of Vista and in particular the 64bit version. As a side note, I find this Vista64bit to run FSX in a manner that I did not think was possible: SMOOTH. So it is worthwhile to go through this. (and I find that MYT is the best at the moment, tried them all UT and WOAI) Pierre
  9. 1. OS is Vista64SP1 2. FSX SP1 3. MYT51b 4. Clean install of FSX Problem: Installs FSX RTM, jetways at CYVR are OK. Installs FSX SP1. jetways are OK. Installs MYT5.1 then 5.1B. Jetways are gone at CYVR. Executes "normal airport" , still no joy no jetways. FSX settings are for scenery "Very Dense" and Autogen "Very Dense". In as far as I can tell, other airports are fine: KSEA, CYUL, CYYZ. Pierre
  10. Tks for the info. Did further observations at LEPA: 2-3 hours of AI watching... Most flights will land correctly at 06L or 24R. Tried it with different wind settings. However, when I tried to expedite things (AI increase to 70%), strange things happened: on a normal landing AI for 24R (normal would mean here right descent and right altitude) I would get AI on top of the normal landing path (about 1000ft higher). That AI would never land because it is too high. The other normal landing AI will land correctly. Now as to the frequency of that behaviour, I don't have numbers but I would venture to say that it is random and infrequent. It only happened once during my 2 hour check. Conclusion: (if there is one) MYTraffic bgl's are working ok, this odd behaviour of landing AI above the normal approach path can only be attributed to MS ATC artificial quirks... note: I would like to do further analysis, but the next few weeks will be too busy for me. Thnks anyway for the help Pierre
  11. I use FSX SP1. Would SP2 make any difference in AI behaviour ? Tried SP2 twice and dumped it twice. Pierre
  12. Noticed that AI tfc at LEPA for rwy 24R never actually lands. They make the approach, but they're about 1000 ft too high and will abort and turn around for a second approach. AI is set at 20% so there's plenty of parking space. Looked at the afcad file and it looks ok ?? Pierre
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