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  1. btw i run SP1 so how do you flag it?
  2. shoul i use BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 2560 or BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 3072 and how do i make FSX.exe LARGEADDRESSAWARE
  3. ... i have been turening down my sliders a lil' bit ill do it a bit more though.
  4. ... I tried but i cant get FSX SP2 cuse i dont have SP1-A for which you need standard edtition. I could try to upgrade to Vista SP1 if you think that would work. Or I could downgrade to XP-SP2 (It dosent matter cause not really a fan of Vista.) But I do have one Question if I were to downgrade: Would I have to reinstall everything (ex: FSX MTX Firefox and Mp3 Rocket) or not? Dont forget to keep in mind that i have just over 2gb's of ram.
  5. ... would downgrading to XP SP2 work
  6. so what files should i delete from that then?
  7. , btw if u need ant info just lemme know.
  8. im using no SP'sill upgrade later and see if that helps.
  9. Specs: OS: Windos Vista Home Edition 32-bit Hard drive 24 remaining gbs Ram: 2.014 Microprocessor: Intel Core 2 duo 6400 2@ 2.13ghz and thats all i know :)
  10. k, if anybody else wants to help please do
  11. Yes i used to use UT but before i installed this i deleted a folder in my flt sim directory called Flight one and one in Simobjects called UT Aircraft
  12. ya i used to use UT... i took out the Flight one files, and i took out the UT planes folder
  13. The first link diddnt help (not shure if i did it correctly for vista) and i cant view the second one so a transcript of what it says would be nice... any other ways i can fix this?
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