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  1. Many thanks I will follow your instructions.
  2. Lately I have done a lot of settings in FSUIPC using rotor brake and would like to ask whether these would be lost with an FSUIPC update.
  3. Hi, I am using FSUIPC 6.1.2 and am trying to bind a button to arm/disarm the Spoilers in FSLabs A320. The steps I am using are > Select button>Select for FS Control>Spoilers Arm Toggle. However the result is that the spoilers will arm with the first press but on second press they do not disarm. Can you please help me to solve this issue. I thank you in advance regards, Joseph
  4. Many thanks, your guidance have solved my problem. The throttles worked beautifully when I used a different aircraft in FSX. Indeed the problem is with the aircraft from the add-on. Obviously this is causing the problem and have now to see how to solve this as the same add-on for fs9 and FSUIPC3 works perfectly. One again many thanks for the time given to my problem and for offering the solution. regards, Joe Saliba
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. But when I copied the FSUIPC3.INI file and placed it instead of the FSUIPC4.INI file in the MODULES section of vthe FSX, I still had no changes into the throttle which keeps raising to 38% and then slowly returns to idle. By the way I have re-calibrated the CH Quadrant axis9 same as I did with FSUIPC3). It seems I am missing something. Can you think of other causes? I thankd you in advance, regards, Joe Saliba
  6. I have finally decided to switch from FS2004 to FSX. I used FSUIPC 3 for the FS2004 without any problem but when I tried to do the same procedures for the FSX using the FSUIPC4 the throttle settings go only ass far as 38% and then slowly return to idle. I have tried different ways but I either am doing something wrong or perhaps have something missing. Can you please help in solving this problem? regards, Joe Saliba
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