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  1. Since I use your version 3.07 AND 3.08 , my Jetliner Flight Console does not work anymore. When I install the old (free) version 2.97, everything is running normal. You reported on probs with 3.07 and PFC.dll in your forum (under "announcement") and you mentioned, that this prob will be solved with version 3.08. This is NOT true !! I am running with 3.08 now and still there is no chance to get PFC.dll running. I get the message, that FSUIPC-version is to old and PFC.dll cannot be handled. What to do ? Georg Winkler
  2. :?: Maybe the solution could be not to integrate AI into Online-modus but Online-modus (Squakbox) into AI like it is done with dynamic sceenries? But anyway I am not a developer and have to believe what you say... Kindest regards Georg Winkler
  3. :? There MUST be a way to integrate My traffic into Online-flying. Many pilots are organized within IVAO or VATSIM and want to use this addon to make everything more realistic. I cannot believe that Micrsoft will not allow AI to be active thru Online-flying. To the developers of My Traffic :Please do some work here because otherwise you´ll loose a lot of potential customers ! Kindest regards Georg Winkler
  4. :cry: Hello Folks, I face the following problem: When I start FS2002 everything is wonderfula lot of My traffic everywhere. After starting the Squakbox-program to fly via IVAO the traffic immediately disappears ! It will not come back after 5-10 min. Wherever I fly, there is no more AI-traffic! What can I do? regards Georg Winkler
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