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  1. I don't think so, no. But I don't sell the program -- SimMarket are the publishers and sellers. It is very unlikely. Software is rather different from hardware. Are you seeking a refund from Microsoft for FSX? If you aren't going to use it, isn't that a similar situation? Regards Pete Ah damn :( dont have the money at the moment to get the FS9 version and I use FSUIPC for my saitek gear... and well no FSX was a present so it didnt cost me a penny to begin with! Dan
  2. Hi Pete Recently switched from FSX-FS9 Any chance I can transfer my licence to the FS9 version of FSUIPC? Dan
  3. yayy lol been using the world of ai aer arann pack for a while gonna go un-install now....
  4. ^will do look forward to it just to let you know im on Vista 64 Bit and having no problems at the moment so hopefully 5.2 runs the same and Burkhard just in case you havent got this ariline in 5.2 maybe add to your to-do list? Aer Arann Small Irish Regional airline they populate Irish Regional airports nicely
  5. i can help out i have all of the above and fly in Ireland all the time
  6. this is as close as i can get it i'll copy and paste my changes to the config file so you can add them to your [flight_tuning] cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0 parasite_drag_scalar = 2.10 induced_drag_scalar = 1.20 elevator_effectiveness = 1.0 aileron_effectiveness = 1.0 rudder_effectiveness = 1.0 pitch_stability = 1.0 roll_stability = 1.0 yaw_stability = 1.0 elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 [autopilot] autopilot_available = 1 flight_director_available = 1 default_vertical_speed = 2000.0 autothrottle_available = 1 autothrottle_arming_required = 1 autothrottle_max_rpm = 90 autothrottle_takeoff_ga = 1 pitch_takeoff_ga = 8; max_pitch=10.0 max_pitch_acceleration=1.0 max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt=2.0 max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt=1.5 max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt_breakpoint=20000.0 max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt_breakpoint=28000.0 max_bank=25.0 max_bank_acceleration=1.8 max_bank_velocity=3.00 max_throttle_rate=0.10 nav_proportional_control=16.00 nav_integrator_control=0.17 nav_derivative_control=0.00 nav_integrator_boundary=2.50 nav_derivative_boundary=0.00 gs_proportional_control = 18.0 gs_integrator_control = 0.33 gs_derivative_control = 0.00 gs_integrator_boundary = 0.70 gs_derivative_boundary = 0.00 yaw_damper_gain = 1.0 and i watched 744's land in heathrow and LAX after i made thesee changes and there was no change to them
  7. i downloaded it again and installed it and the problem seems to have been fixed Thanks
  8. thanks will try that out now
  9. i may have installed them to a wrong folder but i am 99% sure i put the schedule in the right place i'll re download and try again
  10. i use DX9 schedules with 5.1b and still have the problems at tncm the fokker 50 and 738 from klm are always there any way you could help?
  11. smasma did you try this and if it worked can you tell me the values you changed because i have the same problem
  12. yeap i have 3 .bmp files in both folders only been having this probelm since my upgrade to 5.1b
  13. ok the problems back again and i found out that it is actually meant to be an Aer Lingus A330 Lights on and off so i dont know where the monarch is coming from
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