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  1. Before asking the question guess I should explain short background. While waiting for the spring release of FSP for FSX I decided to do a bit of preping for it, as well as for cargo pilot which I currently use. I want to create cargo airline in CP and later passenger version of that airline when FSP comes out. As I expand in both of those worlds and add hubs or even decided to build airports for my fictional airline ( just got done with large complex field with full atc yad yada ect from scratch working great with MyTraffic X) I want to be able to add that airline, those hubs and the flights that are flown to MyTraffic X. I know I can add an airline and through parking assignments even get that right as well as add hubs in My Traffic X, but is there a way to add individual flights with that airline and not have My Traffic ever use that airline in any kind of autoscheduling? In otherwords after I am done the only time I see my airline in the air or at a field is at the times, places and routes I set ??
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