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  1. Hey all, I have a problem in the MyTraffic Communicator. Under the tab "Configure Mytraffic" I have only one option: Localize Mytraffic. I cna click it allI want and it will find MyTraffic fine, but there never appear any other options. I could disable the AI exits by going to the manual to see which .bat needs to be executed to do this, but it'd be a whole lot nicer if I cna just do this from the Communicator. Anybody any idea why no extra options show up in the menu? MT6 seems to work fine in the sim, I see aircraft, though admittedly less than I can remember from previous times. Best, Benjamin
  2. Could you say what will be included in this expansion pack, and perhaps when to expect it for release?
  3. Aaaah, okay. Sorry, I misunderstood you then. But what I meant with setting the throttles in FSX is that I assigned the Saitek levers to the throttle commands via FSX's controls window instead of via FSUIPC.
  4. Ah, see? That's why I posted, because I didn't even see that there were multiple options for setting the throttle axis. I thought that Throttle1_set and Throttle2_set were the only ones... Probably overlooked the other ones. As such, I didn't calibrate them, because I couldn't. If I could, I would have certainly bothered to calibrate them, but In the calibration window none of the values changed when moving the throttles. I'll try setting the throttles using the AXIS_Throttle1/2_set assignments and see what happens. As for why not using the FSX default assignments instead, isn't that obvious? It would defeat the entire purpose of using FSUIPC... The point is that every aircraft is different and using FSUIPC's profiles I do not have to go into the FSX controls window to change it for every other airplane I fly. UPDATE: Edited the assignments using the Axis_throttle1/2_set, and it work brilliantly now. Thanks!
  5. Hello Pete and others, I know, again a thread about the Wilco Airbus and getting the Saitek TQ to work with it. But yeah, I have a problem that won't go away: the throttle is responsive, but it doesn't do at all what it is being told. Here are things I did: - To test if it works at all, I assigned engine 1 and 2 to the Saitek throttle levers within FSX. That worked: the Wilco throttle levers were responsive and worked correctly. - I went back into FSUIPC and assigned the throttle axes of the Saitek yoke using the "send to FS as normal axis" option. - In the joystick calibration window, I made sure that "no reverse zone" was ticked. - In the FSUIPC4.ini file, I made sure that the joystick calibration section of this particular profile (called wilco A330) has the "UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes" parameter. After all this, it still doesn't work. What I get is this: When I move my Saitek throttle levers, the throttle levers in the Wilco do not move. Instead, the thrust ramps up for a bit, accompanied by a thrust reverser sound, but it quickly cuts out and returns to idle. So, there is a response, but it's completely wrong. This is the relevant part of the FSUIPC4.ini file: [Profile.Wilco A330] 1=Feelthere A330-200 GE Airbus Air Greenland [buttons.Wilco A330] 0=R2,21,C65966,0 1=U2,21,C65967,0 2=R2,22,C65971,0 3=U2,22,C65972,0 [Axes.Wilco A330] 0=0X,256,F,65763,0,0,0 1=0Y,256,F,65694,0,0,0 2=1Z,256,F,23,0,0,0 3=2Z,256,D,22,0,0,0 4=2U,256,F,65820,0,0,0 5=2V,256,F,65821,0,0,0 [JoystickCalibration.Wilco A330] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 Aileron=-16384,0,1933,16254 Elevator=-16384,-512,512,16320 Throttle1=-16384,-512,512,16383/32 Throttle2=-16384,-512,512,16383/32 Throttle3=-16258,-512,512,16383/32 Throttle4=-16384,-512,512,16383/32 Spoilers=-16384,16383/16 Flaps=-16384,16383 For your information: - I use FSX + Acceleration - This is FSUIPC 4.703 - The product is Wilco Airbus Volume 2, patched to the latest version, but this is NOT the evolution version that was released some time ago. - All other addon planes I have work great. - Most of the assignments are from within FSUIPC, because of the various needs of my addon aircraft (Airbus using control sticks, others using yokes etc etc) I hope somebody can help. For as far as I can see I have done everything that I had to do (use "send to FS as normal axis", tick the "no reverser zone" box and put in the "UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes". Maybe I missed something, in which cause any one of you can highlight it for me.
  6. I spoke too soon. I'm getting the crashes again. Stuff I did since the issues went away is installing FSDT Honolulu and some photoscenery for California, but I really don't see how that can have any impact. To test the CTD at 100% loading I always use the same test flight: clear weather, Trike Ultralight, active runway, 6-8-2011 at 12:48. If I set the AI traffic sliders to 0%, there is no CTD, like previously was also the case. EDIT: Right, I have no idea what's going on. I reapplied the MTX patches, and now it works again... Beats me.
  7. I had compleytely forgotten about patches to 5.3b. Went into the communicator, saw it download about 5MB of patches, and realized that something big was in there that I didn't have installed. Tried to take off at KLAX and voila! The simulation loads and there I am, at KLAX. Thanks Burkhard! EDIT: I just reazlied that I didn't set GA traffic to display (set it at 0%) so the problem might be with the GA planes. I think I'll try that out at a later date. First I'm going to enjoy KLAX!
  8. Did that already, didn't help. Thanks for trying to help though :) I added it to the list of stuff I tried but didn't help.
  9. Hello Mr. Burkhard, Seems I have a problem with MTX. I recently purchased FSDT's new KLAX scenery, but I always get a CTD at 100% loading, stating that ntdll.dll is at fault. I have did several things to troubleshoot the issue: - Deactivate all Los Angeles and Southern California scenery. The CTD still happens after this. - Remove the KLAX AFCAD that came with MTX (note: I never reactivated since then. It's in an inactive folder where I store all MTX AFCADs that are not necessary anymore). - Let FSX rebuild a new FSX.cfg. The CTDs now stopped, but there was no AI, so I remembered that the MTX entry was absent from this new FSX.cfg. - Re-entered the MTX entry to the FSX.cfg: again a CTD at 100% loading. - To make sure that MTX is the problem and not AI in general, I disabled MTX and enabled default AI: no crash. With default AI planes, including boats and cars, everything works fine. It seems the problem is specific for when MTX is enabled. - With MTX disabled and default AI enabled, I reactivated all California sceneries, and had no CTD. - With MTX enabled and default AI disabled, but AI aircraft sliders at 0%, there is no CTD. My conclusion is that MTX has a problem somewhere that constitues the ntdll.dll CTD at 100% loading. Mr. Burkhard, would you have any idea what the cause can be? Note that the problem, for as far as I can see, ONLY occurs at KLAX. At other airports it is fine. I tried the default flight and taking off at FSDT KLAS, and both flights had no problems. UPDATE: Added a new line to the list of thinsg I tried (thanks andy for reminding me of this one)
  10. Wow! 747-8i and F! Great, I was hoping to see those coming. I always felt so lonely with my PMDG 747-8i :)
  11. Hm, maybe... I installed a full version of 5.3 for as far as I remember, but only had an incremental update for 5.3b. Anyway, thanks for replying so quickly (I knew you would ;-)!
  12. Hello, I was flying around SPIM today, and found aircraft resembling An-24 aircraft on the apron that didn't have any fuselage textures. So, I went into the MTX/aircraft folder and searched, and it appears that all military Peru An-32 repaints do not have all the necessary files, thus resulting in black fuselages. Could you please help me out with this? So, for your reference, the missing repaints are: An32_MyPaint05, An32_MyPaint04 and An32_MyPaint03.
  13. I see, good way of handling it! If I understood correctly, I open up the editor, load the "MTX_V53b.myt" database, then go to "Create" and select the option "Schedules, file and traffic", right? EDIT: Never mind. I did that, and the the other option in the "Create" menu, and I have all the United and Continental planes back. KORD really becomes more beautiful with all the Blue United planes taxiing around.
  14. Wow. That's indeed terribly easy. Thanks for the prompt reply! I thought the old planes were simply overwritten with the new ones...
  15. Hey all, I don't intend to be a phenomal pain in the back, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to get Continental and United back as they were before the merger? I've never been a fan of the Continental livery, and I really like the last United livery. That, and I miss hearing the Continental callsign over the radio. Would there be such a possibility, or has it gotten impossible in the meantime?
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