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  1. Hi Volker, we have contacted Aerosoft now because we don not know what is to do. If you want, we will post their answer here. Florian
  2. Good evening everybody, some days ago one of my friend buyed the FSC 8.2 for FSX at Aerosoft. He wanted to use it with a WinXP-Computer. While installing, the setup asked for his Aerosoft-Data. But after installing his copy was unresisted and so not full useabel. After clicking on ABOUT > REGISTER the input area named KEY-CODE was to smal for enter the code he got by Aerosoft. After installing the update for V8.4 nothing else happend. Now we are thinking that FSC don't ask for the AS_code. But for which one it does? Please help us. Florian
  3. Dear Mr. Dowson, I know form you posting that the AP is turn on automatically by FSC. But in the MCR's panel is not a button to turn it off and also I do not know what I could change in FSC's settings. So for testing I deactivated the AP and now I did a test-flight without any problems. After finding the source in FSC or anywhere which turns the AP on, Iwill be able to reactivate it. But under the line, you was a really big help for me. Now I have the direction for searching the problem instead of nothing. Best regards Florian
  4. Dear Mr. Dowson, thank you for these informations. Firts sorry for the LOG file. I will really never do this again. But perhaps, you found the error. In the aircraft.cfg I found these lines: [autopilot] autopilot_available=1 flight_director_available=1 default_vertical_speed=700.000000 autothrottle_available=0 pitch_takeoff_ga=8.000000 max_pitch=10.000000 max_pitch_acceleration=1.000000 max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt=2.000000 max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt=1.500000 max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt_breakpoint=20000.000000 max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt_breakpoint=28000.000000 max_bank=25.000000 max_bank_acceleration=1.800000 max_bank_velocity=3.000000 max_throttle_rate=0.100000 nav_proportional_control=9.000000 nav_integrator_control=0.250000 nav_derivative_control=0.000000 nav_integrator_boundary=2.500000 nav_derivative_boundary=0.000000 gs_proportional_control=9.520000 gs_integrator_control=0.260000 gs_derivative_control=0.000000 gs_integrator_boundary=0.700000 gs_derivative_boundary=0.000000 yaw_damper_gain=0.000000 I will check it with autopilot_available=0. So I hope it will work know. I will give you a short report after testing Thank you Florian
  5. Thank you again for your information. I made a logfile for you how you wrote it to me. But know the problem came earlier as the last times. Why? I don't know! In the enclosure you will find this log file. Because LOG files are not allowed I made a ZIP file of it. I hope you anything in it. Florian FSUIPC4.zip
  6. Dear Mr. Dowson, firts thank you for your answer. I worte them an e-mail but they do not know what is going wrong. So I hoped that you have an answer for me. How I could edit the CFG I know. But in which way I am able to edit MDL or AIR files? Do I need a special editor? I hope I find the problem. Florian
  7. Dear Mr. Dowson, some days ago I bought your FSUIPC4 for my FSX. Before I hat installed the unregistered version for show IVAO's weather and all was fine. But now I want to show me position in FSC like a moving map on my notebook. And so I do need the registered version with WideFS. So I installed it all and the moving map works very fine. But now my favorite airplanes aileron works no more. The plane is the MCR01 of AFS-Design. While flying the MCR after 30 minutes up to 1 hour the aircraft turns right very strong and the aileron does not work. If I put my Joystick to the left I am able to see the VCs Joystick moving and the animated aileron outside the airplane moves,too. Only there is no reaction in the flight. Now I have tested it with many other plane, for example with the Cessna172 or the freeware Cri-Cri for AVSIM. There all works fine for many hours per flight. What I have to do to repair the MCR? I can not help me any more! :x Florian M
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