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  1. I must be doing something wrong, as when I try the fix I am having problems.- This is my inicial setting which works OK: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=CH PRO PEDALS USB 0.GUID={D5C7D590-2C2D-11E2-8003-444553540000} 1=CH THROTTLE QUADRANT 1.GUID={D5C7D590-2C2D-11E2-8004-444553540000} 2=CH FLIGHT SIM YOKE USB 2.GUID={D5C7D590-2C2D-11E2-8005-444553540000} This is what I set: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes A=CH PRO PEDALS USB A.GUID={D5C7D590-2C2D-11E2-8003-444553540000} B=CH THROTTLE QUADRANT B.GUID={D5C7D590-2C2D-11E2-8004-444553540000} C=CH FLIGHT SIM YOKE USB C.GUID={D5
  2. Thanks Pete for your quick reply I have 3 devices: CH yoke: ID #0, CH Quadrant: ID #1, and CH Pedals: ID #2.- The problem happened when I reinstalled a Hotas Cougar, with the CH Quadrant unplugged, from then, the Quadrant was assigned as ID # 3, and so all my settings for that device were gone.- I tried the solution suggested at the manual, assigning letters or numbers to the devices and setting "AutoAssign letters=Yes" , but no way, the Quadrant was always designed at the 3rd place in the list regardless of the letter or number assigned at the FSUIPC4.ini.- So it seems that option w
  3. Sometimes when I unplug a device, I found that its ID has changed in the FSUIPC axes configure window, so I must reconfigure all its axes, which is most annoying.- I happens in spite of re-plugging the device in the same USB socket.- I think it is Windows which assigns a new ID when detecting some change.- Is there a way to manually reassign the former joystick ID ? I use Win 7 64 and have controls disabled within FSX Thanks
  4. I am using both a VR Insight M Panel and a Saitek Pro Flight Switch panel, and both word OK.- Regards Jorge
  5. Guenseli I could program almost all the functions of my GoFlight Module using the Lua files you kindly posted, but couldnt do it with the Mode and Range knobs,as there are only increasing and decreasing parameters for both.- The mode knob has 4 positions and the range knob has 7, all of them are recognized with diferent button numbers at FSUIPC.- Pete Dowson said that, as they are written, your Lua files doesnt work for that functions in the GF Efis.- He posted: "I suspect that's because the Lua program you are calling looks to be quite long and has to be loaded, compiled and executed for e
  6. If you referr to your post #23, yes, you did it indeed, but lately today, and after maltreating me in you former mails.- And by the way, the "corrected" lines at that post, work only partially as the movements doesnt match.-
  7. Nothing of what you said changes the fact that you said: "If I thought he could handle Lua file editing I'd have explained a much more efficient way of accomplishing the whole thing", you clearly knew from the beginning that my knowledge was basic, and you didnt.- Jorge
  8. I am really upset, because although with limitations, I do understand English enough to realize that you did knew I couldnt handle Lua file editing when you answered me in your post #5: "Not in any "INI". Save the Lua plug-in from that thread I pointed you too, into the FS modules folder, with a name like "PMDG747.lua", then load up FS, go to FSUIPC button assignments, and assign to "Lua PMDG747" with the parameter needed as listed in that program, or even in the thread itself.", to my post #4 which said: "Thanks Pete and Prokopiu for your replies, but my limited knowledge makes me only able
  9. Thanks Andydigital.- I cut and paste the lines you kindly sent, but no way, it doesnt work.- The relevant lines of the ini looks like this now: [LuaFiles] 1=PDMG747 [buttons.Jets] 0=P170,4,CL1:R,3 1=P170,3,CL1:R,4 2=P170,13,CL1:R,7 3=P170,15,CL1:R,23 4=P170,12,CL1:R,8 5=P170,28,CL1:R,10 6=P170,14,CL1:R,24 7=P170,30,CL1:R,20 8=P170,31,CL1:R,21 9=P170,2,CL1:R,5 14=P170,9,K88,14 15=P170,8,K87,14 20=P170,1,CL1:R,6 21=P170,29,CL1:R,10 22=P170,11,K90,14 23=P170,10,K89,14 28=P170,6,CL1:R,2 30=APP 30.1=P170,16,CL1:R,17 30.2=P170,16,CL1:R,17 30.3=P170,16,CL1:R,17 31=VOR 31.1
  10. Perhaps my English understanding is dificult,as it is not my language, or maybe you didnt explain it clearly, or something is missing.- Of course I also guessed the same about having all 4 buttons doing the same thing, but you said exactly: "So make two more copies of that line, with increasing line numbers. Now that same switch selection will do 3 decrements" , as I asumed you referred to the first line created: "30=P170,18,CL1:R,17" I made 2 copies changing only the line numbers,leaving the decrement parameter, what else could I understand ?.- Also: "So make two more copies with increasing
  11. Thanks Andydigital I wait for Pete response.- Regards Jorge
  12. Pete I did what you said, beggining by assigning to Map (button 18) the parameter 17 of LUA PDMG747, which created in the ini the line: 30=P170,18,CL1:R,17.- I followed then your instructions copying and modifying the line so I created 5 lines for each function, but it doesnt work, also I could see that in the FSUIPC buttons box, switching buttons 16 to 19 shows them grayed out with parameter 17 set.- All the other GF Efis device functions work OK.- I configurated all as jets profile specific.- The relevant lines of my ini are: [LuaFiles] 1=PDMG747 [buttons.Jets] 0=P170,4,CL1:R,3 1=
  13. Pete In my case the lua parameters for ND Mode are: increase = 16, decrease = 17.- My GF EFIS mode knob has 4 positions, from left to right: App, Vor, Map and Pln; its switching is recognized by FSUIPC as buttons 16, 17, 18, and 19.- So a) I turn right both panel and device knobs matching at the Pln position. B) Turn GF knob left to Map (Fsuipc shows button 18) select LUA747PDMG and assign parameter 17 (decrease).- c) Turn GF knob left to Vor (Fsuipc shows button 17) select LUA747PDMG and assign parameter 17 (decrease).- d) Turn GF knob left to App (Fsuipc shows button 16) select
  14. Thanks Pete And how can I program the Mode and Range rotaries, provided that the Guenseli's list, included only increase and decrease parameters for both ? (16 to 19) Regards Jorge
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