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  1. I have to admit that Stuart is right. But when using FSinterrogate with MCP I don't see any change in the appropriate offsets... So long, Michael
  2. Hi Pete (hopefully you're reading this AFTER your holiday), I wonder if you can introduce a new option for wideclient.ini that lets the user choose which system call to use for shutting down: Either SHUTDOWN or POWEROFF or whatever. Would be very helpful especially in a mixed environment (like mine :wink: ). Maybe this is a stupid question, but I'm not really a windows programmer (only U**X). Just wanted to know it 8) Best regards! Michael
  3. Dear Manolo, bad news: I tried to find the appropriate offset for hours now but had no luck. Maybe I looked at the wrong place? Anyway, I think it's time for an email to Enrico Schiratti. Maybe he can help?! Bye, Michael PS: Please let us know if you make any efforts.
  4. Dear Stuart, thank you very much for your hint! I'm going to try it later today... But actually I wanted to avoid editing FS2002.cfg (with _so_ many config files on my system). Is there any way that EPICINFO instead of FS2K2 catches the BtnPulse and then addresses the appropriate FSUIPC offset? Maybe this sounds strange, but this is the way I like it 8) 8) 8) As always: I appreciate every comment on that! Michael
  5. Dear users, I'm using EPICINFO for interfacing FS2K2 and EPIC USB. I'd like to adjust the FSUIPC offset 0xBE8 for gear control (down: 16382, up: 0). Somewhere I read about defining a (free) VXD number in EPL like this: :Gear_down {enque16(BtnOn,1); // VXD no. 1 :Gear_up {enque16(BtnOff,1); My questions are: can EPICINFO handle VXD numbers? And what would be the appropriate entry for FSUIPC_Write? I have two buttons connected to EPIC for my gear lever being in UP and DOWN position ('OFF' is not connected). And last but not least: I VXD numbers are the wrong approach, what other possibility will I have? Thank you all for any comments! Regards, Michael
  6. Hi folks, I have setup a new computer (WinME and IPX) but WideClient refuses to start: in its logfile it says: Network is down. I don't believe this since I have 5 more hosts setup nearly identically and file sharing with the "old" computers works fine. I can also ping all hosts on the network... Now I reinstalled everything, but still no luck! Here's the Wideclient logfile: ********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 5.41] ********* Date (dmy): 10/03/03, Time 14:44:41.580: Client name is FO-MFD 306 Client connect() failed [Error=10050] Network is down 10858 Failed to start Client! What means error 10050? Does anybody know what to do? :?: :?: Thanks, Michael PS: Yes, Wideserver v5.41 is running on another host with 5 clients connected ;-)
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