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  1. Hi Pete, thanks, this info is exactly what I was after. "You only need the one, with three events. Events can't interrupt the flow, pendng ones will queue till your processing is done" Regards Richard
  2. Hi An old thread, but now experimenting with something similar. Trying to use arduino to drive red/green gear lights with a simple lua script. Still new to lua. I use the event feature that triggers when the gear offsets are changed, what happens with regards to multi-threading? These 3 events will often trigger at nearly the same time and my concern is that the serial command sent from each event could be mingled together and be un recognised by the Arduino board? E.g left gear event write one character, then right gear starts before left gear event is finished writing. Regards Richard
  3. Hi Yes I tried it and the text \xFE\x51 was printed, but I will try your suggestions and let you know. Thanks RG
  4. Hi Thanks for a great product. Experimenting with the Lua com library. I need to write some hex values. tried this: com.write(display, "\xFE\x51") will this work? Regards RG
  5. Hi Just a quick (pre sales) question. With My Traffic, can I configure the application to use a particular runway for AI Traffic? Regards RG
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