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  1. Well thnx for your efforts. I cannot uninstall the drivers unfortunately as I value the multi mode function too much. Everything is perfect on my system except the rudder pedals. It will go down in my huge tome that includes many musings on the wierdisms of flight sim setups. Good news is I configured the rudder pedals in P3D itself... just for the rudder pedal axes and with a little tweaking got a reasonably good sensitivity / deadzone compromise that seems to work OK on all my addons. I had to set the rudder pedals to Do Nothing in FSUIPC though, for each addon... and reload the aircraft a couple of times... but all is now good and I have made a backup of the relevant file ! Thnx again Pete. Case closed I guess ! 🤣 Now I can watch Strictly without fretting.
  2. Both..... all appears to work as with other axes 13 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said 3. Which FS rudder control do you assign to: "Axis rudder set" or "Rudder set"? Axis Rudder set..... as with other axes All. No. I do have Buttons Set for all other trims along with Centre and they all work well, even in aircraft that aren't meant to have them ... always handy ! But yes, checked in do228 which has bith - even if the needles move the wrong way.... gotta love Carenado. Yes this works ... as I would expect, given No. 2 answer, above. But I will probably end up having to use this as a solution, as at least I should be able to set a Deadzone and Sensitivity - but of course: no slope / linearity, nor the ability to easily save different values for each aircraft ... 8-( So hopefully this 'anomaly' can be sorted. As I said earlier, the toe brakes works 'perfick', so I don't get it. Thnx again.
  3. Hi. Will get back. Need to double check some of these points. Thnx.
  4. Well there are 3 options are there not for assigning an axis. The first is assign as a fsuipc axis. The second is assign as a direct fs axis The third is something about offset .... ? Normally I use Fsuipc axis and then go the calibration page and calibrate. Ok.... so, as I said above, I cannot get the Saitek rudder axes to work if I try to use the first option Fsuipc calibration. I can only get them to work at all, in any aircraft addon, in P3D v4.3 on Windows 10 Pro latest build.... (phew !)..... IF I USE THE SECOND OPTION. Of course I disable all controller axes in P3D itself, or that would cause a conflict, as per the manual and a million Avsim posts. Also, if I assign via the second option, it will not work unless I unassign (via the Reset button on the calibration page) the previous calibration. It all appears to work in the Fsuipc interface, as the numbers behave correctly, but there is no subsequent rudder actuation at all, in the sim. So.... hope that explains the problem more clearly. I am not at my PC currently, or I would make a video and stick it on Youtube.... in fact I may do just that later. Thnx
  5. Meant to add.... toe brakes work fine ! Assign in usual manner, set a big deadzone and slope no probs. What is it with the rudder axes ? Bemused !
  6. Hi all. Is this now simply an issue I have to deal with ? Basically, I can only use Direct FS axis with all my aircraft in P3D v4.3. Clearly this means no sensitivity or slope adjustment, which I badly need as thry are so overly sensitive. Am I missing something or is there a workaround ? Thnx for any help.
  7. Just will not locate the correct paths for creating the required database ! Please sort this out. Xannot find the right P3D v4 paths - no mention of P3D in the interface. Why ? Purchased from Just Flight on the basis that it would be P3D friendly - it is not !

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