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  1. Sent you ar pm. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  2. Pete, Can you please e-mail me at russellj(at)rhjconsulting.co.nz re some potential piracy. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  3. Pete, I have received it now, it must have been cached somewhere. Most unusual though, because I have been downloading every version for the last year or more without any problems. Still, I'm happy now. Thanks for the great product. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  4. Pete, I've just tried downloading version 3.201 and am getting 3.14 Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  5. And pity it will get worse instead of better. Once we have voice recognition a keyboard will not be necessary. So it becomes brain to mouth and we all know how bad people are at putting them in to gear. :) Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  6. You have probably only read the "t". :) I read the instructions and unchecked all my Simflyers airports and UT installed correctly. All it took was reading through the list and saying don't install these. UT even allows you to not install support for freeware third party airports in the same way. These do not appear on a list with MT so you have to manually do them. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007 / ZK-RHJ)
  7. Leonard, I take issue with the comment relating to the way UT supports third party Airports. Both MT and UT support them the same way. The both give you the ability to keep your current Airport Layout (AFCAD). Those that are having trouble, and this has occured with both packages, has been with those that have blindly installed the package and not read the manual or documentation first. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007 / ZK-RHJ)
  8. Thanks for your response? Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
  9. I have a CH Pro set (throttle, Yoke and peddles) and have set the default throttle axis (on the yoke) to operate the spoiler axis and wet this to work as the reverser. This all works fine except that it doesn't work with prop aircraft that have reverse (Twotter, DASH 8 and ATR's) From what I can determine this is because the Use on Jets only Flag is on. The problem I have is that I cannot change this. Whenever I set this to unchecked and themn come back in it is always set. Can you please tell me what flag is being set in the FSUIPC.Ini file so I can manually edit it. Thanks for your great work. Regards Russell Jourdain (NZL007/ZK-RHJ)
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