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  1. Having tried to delete all traces of simconnect even if the registry, nothing changed.... so I decided to reinstall win7 formating my drive first from the windosw installer..... and I'll never instal the bloddy SDK again trying to sync 2 networked PC !!! I'll stay with Aivlasoft only on my remote computer, not ASN...
  2. Hi, A few days back, I had screwed my FSX trying to install simconnect on a remote computer and installing the SDK SP1 and 2 on the computer where FSX is installed..... since I had issued syncing both computer I followed a wrong advise and deleted all the simconnect files in the Winsxs folder... after that, neither Fsuipc and Ezdok would work because of a simconnect issue. Then I totally removed FSX from my computer, deleted all the FSX files from the computer and reinstalled FSX SP1+SP2...... now trying to install Fsuipc, it says : fsuipc your fsx installation is incorrect. The version of Simconnect installed will not run fsuipc Then I figured out that before uninstalling FSX, I had recopied a couple of Simconnect folders in the Winsxs folder..... so I went back to this folder, deleted all the simconnect files, uninstalled the FSX SP2 and reinstall it.... then I could see I had 2 new files in the winsxs folders so the simconnect reinstall from the SP2 went fine...... BUT after rebooting the computer and trying to reinstall Fsuipc (latest 4927a) I had the same message again ("fsuipc your fsx installation is incorrect. The version of Simconnect installed will not run fsuipc")..... I may be still traces of the old SDK installation ..... or not..... please help me :-( Thank you Greg
  3. Dear all, I have tried ro uninstall MTX but lauching the "remove aircrafts, schedules..."" command in the communicator, I got the message saying that the "uninstall bat" file was missing... then I just removed the MyTraffic X program and remove the entry in the fsx.cfg file as well as the scenery entry. Now, I would like to know what else I should do to make the default FSX traffic show up again. thank you Greg
  4. Hello, I ended up puchasing the MT2010 to MT 5.4 upgrade + the MT 3D upgrade. Now I have abig problem. When I launch the My Traffic 3D, it starts installs only 3 aicrfafts (A319-320 + B1900).... hence, when I launch the My Traffic Communicator and select Manage aircrfats configurations, I got a message saying "Windows cannot find acfs.bat "When I looked into My traffic 5.4 for FSX communicator, all aircrafts seem to be there.... What did I do wrong ? thanks EDIT :: solved Next time I'll read the manual :mrgreen: ..... I had forgotten to copy the Mytraffic folder from FSX to Prepar3d...... Now the fact that it installed only 3 aircrafts before doing that mean that these 3 aircrafts models are the only one to have been updated for Prepar3d ? thanks.
  5. Hello, I purchased My Traffic via Aerosoft (MT 2010). Is this OK for me to purchase the upgrade only file for Prepar3d or do I have to re-purchase the entire software ? thank you Greg
  6. Oups sorry, I missed that one.... well I understand it is not possible right now but do you think that you would be able to arrange a kind of connection like FSnav used to have (directkey in FSX) in a future update because not running FSX in full screen mode is a big loss....
  7. Well I have already gone through the manual but it only says how to start FSCommander together with Flight Simulator..... It doesn't say how to show the FSCommander window from FlightSim in full screen mode with a hotkey.....
  8. Hello, I was wondering if here was a way to access FSCommander directly from FS9 (or FSX) with a shortcut instead of always leaving FS9 full screen mode to access the windows taskbar.... ? (something like F9 at the time of FSNav). Thanks, Greg
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