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  1. Hey Burkhard, Wonder why I get "TrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied" ? I have already made sure file was in MyTraffic folder but still getting this message when activating MyTraffic Communicator. Help . . . . .
  2. I am also aware of the fact that the view options within FSX depends on the view mode you're in such as Virtual Cockpit or 3D view or slew mode. Here is the manual for the particular program. Perhaps this will give some idea of what the developer is using to accomplish the features I was referring to. I believe this program intercepts some of the keyboard and mouse inputs and changes them to do what needs to be done to create the desired effect. Thanks . . . . . DBS WalkAndFollow User Guide.pdf
  3. I understand and thanks for responding. Let me also say that I was NOT expecting you to change anything with FSUIPC. I just thought you perhaps already knew what the signals were that were generated by the keyboard key presses in FSX in regards to functions already designated. I must also tell you that I appreciate your concern and interest in dealing with problems/situations outside the scope of what you designed your product to do - and, Thanks. I will continue to see what I am able to do with this and pass it on to you just in case somewhere down the line it may also be os use to someone else with a similar setup/configuration.
  4. Maybe I am making this sound more complicated than it really is. I am referring to the mouse wheel. At present, for most windows application functions, the wheel is used to scroll up and down. In FSX, it ns to zooms forward and back. (same as if I used the keyboard's "+" & "-" keys). I wish for it to move the point-of-reference forward and back instead. The mouse scroll also has 3 switches associated with it. It I press the wheel down, it activate a shitch (center mouse button) that allows me to move all arount the VC or any direction (up, down, left and right) while depressed and moving mouse around. The wheel can also be tilted right or left that activate swithes that can be program. I want to use this feature to move/slew left or right. I wanted to know if FSUIPC can interpret the default wheel movement to keyboard's up and down arrow keys and the wheel side movement to match keyboard's left and right arrows.
  5. Hello Pete - I would like to be able to duplicate the keyboard's Arrow keys with mouse inputs. While in VC or outside views, I can use the "Up" & "Down" arrow keys to move forward and back and I want to use my mouse wheel to duplicate this (NOT zoom as it presently does). I also want to use the mouse wheel's side-to-side switches to duplicate the keyboards's "Left" & "Right" Arrow switches. Is this possible using FSUIPC and can you assist me with this? Thanks
  6. Hey Burkhard, do you have any plans to make a new communicator/update for 5.4? It looks strange in the download section concerning patches to 5.3b when you are using 5.4.
  7. Hey Burkhard. Congradulations on the new version. Hope everything goes as expected. As one of the beta testors, I get "Sorry, error 3 detected" message when I do the My Traffic Live from the communicator. Also, from the communicator, the latest version shows 5.3b instead of 5.4 in Communicator.

    Take care


  8. 1920 X 1080 is resolution I am using. Why wasn't this included in the option?
  9. Hey Burkhard. Hope you OK and appreciate the work you have accomplished - truly remarkable. When updating using the communicator and using a fast pc, how can you tell what has happened when update is complete? Everything happens so fast. Is there a line or two of code that can be put in to inform that (whatever update it was) is successful and complete? Just a suggestion. Thanks
  10. Hey Burkhard. B747 aircraft nose doors starts to open but close after opening halfway. What you think problem may be? Thanks . . . .
  11. Hey Burkhard. Question - Was there any changes to the FSX's ATC with installation of the latest version of My Traffic? The reason I ask is because I am hearing ATC saying things I never heard before - like "Goodbye" and something like "taxi to extend" something. It is all good but just curious as to why I never heard ATC say these phrases before since FSX first came out.
  12. Thanks Burkhard. I understand the reason for simplicity - I thought that perhaps I may have misconfigured something. This is why my frame rates are as good as they are. Again - thanks and awaiting next update. BTW - will I be able to download and install update from "Communicator"?
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