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  1. dear all i sell my mcp and efis is usb plug and play metal case backlighted 1 usb for both (MCP and EFIS) scale 1:1 compatible with PROSIM, FS9,FSX PMDG, IFLY i can show you it working in live by skype or facetime i also made some videos in youtube if interested, please, send me a private mail to europa345@hotmail.com thanks so much Miguel
  2. Dear Pete you are completely right, in fsx the elevator also does not center when push nº 5. Well i fixe the problem. When i copy the FSUIPC.ini file into the prepard3d modules the problems with the calibration was solved, but the elevator was still moving up and down alone. i had the yoke(aleiron and elevator) config in prepard configuration and also in fsuipc section. when i delete the assigments in Prepard3d configuration and just let fsuipc to operate, no it works perfect in FSX also, the correct is to config only in FSUIPC? thanks a lot Miguel
  3. hi Pete preparad v2 is out? otr you are a b-tester? anyway, there are big imporvements comparing with FSX? thanks Miguel
  4. thanks pete, i will do it and also report to you When i calibrate the yoke in Windows menu, the axes moves perfectly, the problem is a jump to 16386 near the 0. Also the fact that the elevator is not centered when you push 5 is strange. Does this happen in your system? Miguel
  5. hi i actually use FSX and i have all my controls working perfectly without any problem sing FSUIPC yesterdaty i decide to give a chance to PREPARD that i have it since 1.4 version but i did not try it deeply yet the problem is that the elevator is doing extrange things moving alone. i had disable all the axis of the other joysticks in prepard config menu and only have the elevator and aleiron axes of the yoke. if i go to fsuipc and move tha axes, i find a 16383 signal that comes near 0 and then follows normal and get art the end 16383. i calibrate and have the same result. but the most extrange is that in fsuipc of fsx it works perfect, and FSX controls move perfect i also realise that moving the aleiron and elevator with keys, in fsx when you push the number 5 of keypad, all the axis gets centered, and in prepard in my case it only works for the aleiron and not for the elevator that stays in UP position after pushing 5 (i did this test with the Yoke unplagged) how can i know what is giving me the problem? i have disabled all the axes assigments of all the other devices i insist that in FSX everything works perfect thanks a lot Miguel
  6. hi Pete i have a problem with the last version of fsupic 4.9 of 5 of May the problem is the following i have a RSP throttle. this TQ works with sioc, and since i downloaded and installed the last version of fsuipc, the rudder trim wheels are at any moment turning. do you have an idea about the problem? in the other side, how can i download the previous version of fsuipc? thanks a lot Miguel
  7. hi to all I sell my MCP and EFIS is interfaced with iocards.actually is fully working with Prosim737 very good quality, everything works I can make any video for you to see t working or i can send to you more info by mail. I attach a picture with all on and a video working with prosim Both, the EFIS and MCP are boxed and are usb plug and play modules I´m located in madrid, spain For more info, please send me an email to europa345@hotmail.com
  8. Hi pete I changed to be able to calibrated throught fsuipc and to be able to have a dead zone. Why doing it thorugh fsuipc the tiller is linked to the rudder and if you do it via steering set not? Can ou add that function to have it separately as in the real plane? Thanks so much Miguel
  9. Dear Pete. i had download the update and i added the sterring tiller and calibrate form fsuipc. the only problem is that now the sterring moves the rudder. as i had it before, with FS normal axis and steering set selected, the rudder and the steering was independient. now when i move the tiller , the rufdder moves, but when i push the rudder nothing happends there is any way to have it like before but with the posibility of having independient rudder and tiller? the tiller moves the gear and not the rudder Miguel
  10. hi pete, yes, it was wideclient (sorrry) the wideclient in the laptop was 5 months old Miguel
  11. hi Pete, exactly actually i have configurated via fsuipc but as sterring set so you can not calibrated from fsuipc and you can not set a dead zone thanks so much Miguel
  12. Dear Pete just wanted to comment to you a problem that i had that now is solved. I have a 737 cockpit and i have a remote laptop from where i control the instructor station usind wide FS The problem was that when i was flying and then i turn on the wideFS in the laptop suddently the rudder went completely to the left i checked the calibration of the rudder, if there was something wrong but everything was normal. i realise that i had updated FSUIPC in the main computer but i did not update widefs in the laptop. the different version in both computers was doing that strange things once i downloaded the update of FSUIPC in the laptop, everything works perfect Miguel
  13. Dear Pete i think that would be usefull if you could add the steering set to the axis assigment in order to be able to calibrate from FSUIPC as an axis as happen with the aleirons, rudder..... in this way we could set dead zone, slope..... just an idea miguel
  14. Dear Pete i made the test of setting sensivity to the maximun and dead zone to the minimun an the result is the same Miguel
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