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  1. Hello, Use 2 monitors One with FSX the other with FScder 8.4 In FSX option window break we task switch is not checked. My problem when I am in the window of FSCDER I do not have sound anymore in fsx To return in fsx to have the sound. Normal situation? Solutions?? Thanks Francois Roland
  2. francois.roland

    Clock GMT and local time

    Hello, In the map window the hour is always the local time. Clicking on the clock label not modify GMT. Normal ?? parameters is at modify ?? Regard Francois
  3. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    See on google: http://ivao.xenoflex.de/Download/Charts/LOWI.pdf Very tanks Erik and Otto Francois
  4. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    Eric, For Information PrintScreen airport LOWI with two ILS Cordially - Francois
  5. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    Thank Eric for your answer. Problem appeared since the installation of Airac 810. A new ILS is represented for Rwy 08 fréquency 109,70. The défault is that the cone of ILS is represented outside of the airport With Airac 711 installed by origin on FSC the airport LOWI is as that represented on your message. Regrettably I did not make back-up of Airac installed before Regards Francois
  6. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    OK mister Volker but it no résoud not no the problem. :( NB Database manager launched with fscdbmanager.exe since the main directory of FSC
  7. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    In the launch of FSC8 Dated Manager it is FSC8 who opens, not Dated Manager!!! Or is the problem :?: Thank Roland
  8. francois.roland

    GPS too small

    Hello! Everything is correct but (to my opinion) the window is too small and the information can legible Too simple representation and its ergonomics should be improved for represented in your excellent FSC. What do you think ? Cordially Roland
  9. francois.roland

    ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

    Mister Volker, Now tracks 08 is equipped ILS (109,70) The representation of 2 ILS (rwy 08 - 26) in FSC 8.4 Airac 810 is not correct To rectify in the next revision??? Thank you Roland
  10. francois.roland

    FlightPlans FSC and FSX

    Mister Volker, Ok, perfect. Thanks Roland
  11. francois.roland

    FlightPlans FSC and FSX

    Hello, The flightplans realized by FSC, protected in FSX, can they be used and exploited(run) by FSX as the plans elaborated by the organizer of flight of FSX. ?? Thanks Roland
  12. francois.roland

    Nuku Hiva NTMD

    OK, but here it is an airport It was easy for you to place it correctly from the beginning. The designer of FlightSim Commander it is you ???? Thank
  13. francois.roland

    Nuku Hiva NTMD

    Hello, Airport NTMD French Polynesia in the ocean, not on the ile !!! To correct ? Roland

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