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  1. Hi As you can see from the information below from my Simmarket account it states update. Maybe i'm mistaken and it's a "new" version I purchased?. Either way is it possible to download the old version 9 from your website? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 845628 Order Status: CompletedOrder Date: 2012-03-02 21:37:00 PRINT INVOICE PRODUCT TAX TOTAL 1 x FLIGHTSIM COMMANDER 9 (update/discount) - Sold by Sascha W. Felix - Reg/Serial/Voucher Key/Number: Name: nj day Email: Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEUR 24.89 Sub-Total:EUR 24.89 included Tax:EUR 3.97 Total:EUR 24.89 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nigel
  2. Hi My Simmarket Website Flightsim Commander9 update is missing from my "old carts" area which I would like to re download. Has anyone else had this problem with Simmarket ? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry to add to your workload :) but this is a homebuilt 737 throttle quadrant with the reverse on the levers (switches), so reverse on the thrust axis itself wouldnt be very realistic, thanks for the quick reply Nige
  4. Hi, How would i remove reverse thrust from being deployed on my throttle axes in fsuipc? I have assigned and calibrated them but when i advance then retard the levers, reverse deploys that i would rather do through switches. Many thanks Nige
  5. Many thanks, Will have a chew at this, bit of a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing:) N Day
  6. Sorry I wasn't very clear, The flap mechanism is constructed with its 9 microswitches. It is interfaced with a joystick card which has 32 buttons. Could i either emulate an axis with the microswitches or operate the flaps with the joystick buttons. many thanks N Day
  7. Hi peter, Is it possible with fsuipc to connect 9 microswitches (737 flaps) on home made TQ , and work fs2004 737 flaps with it? Could 9x 10 ohm resistors be wired to these switches to create values that could be used by fsuipc for this idea? many thanks N Day

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