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  1. Hi He111888, First of all a Happy New Year to everybody! RJCC and RJCJ, the airport in the direct neighbourhood, are at a different altitude in default FSX. RJCC at 70 ft RJCJ at 89 ft That leads to an uncomfortable transition between these two airports. Taxiing from RJCC to RJCJ is almost impossible in default FSX. When I revised these two destinations for MyTraffic I leveled both airports to 82 ft in order to provide the user with a nice transition between the two airports. As long as you have the files RJCC_ADEX_hf_1.BGL RJCC_ADEX_hf_1_CVX.bgl RJCJ_ADEX_hf_1.BGL RJCC_ADEX_hf_1_ALT.BGL RJCJ_ADEX_hf_1_ALT.BGL installed, neither RWY01L nor RWY 01R should appear buried with earth and sand. If the RWY' s don' t show as desired it is very likely that you have a different scenery for RJCC installed which is at a different altitude.
  2. As Burkhard said - a known bug in FSX. Just in case that this might be your favourite destination I could easily remove the filling station for you. Just let me know the ICAO-code of the specific destination and I' ll have a look at it.
  3. I don' t want to compete with you Kambiz - my schedule looks pretty tight at the moment ... But I think I can provide you with some additional material which might be helpful for you.
  4. What a beauty! Such a wonderful upgrade to MTX would have been worth a seperate thread I think :D ! Thank you, Burkhard!
  5. According to what I know the tool was developed by Don Grovestine and is heavily supported by Martin Gossmann (Owl' s Nest).
  6. Sounds familiar to me http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=75980!
  7. You run EDDV as an addon scenery, don' t you? That means you have to disengage the file for the static traffic at EDDV. Usually files of that kind are called 'EDDV_stat.bgl' or similar. The best tool for you to locate that file is AirportScanner. http://www.downloadcenter.scruffyduck.oay&file=50 It is easy to install and just as easy to use. Let me know if you don' t succeed.
  8. Hi Stuart! 'Tone down just a bit' - unfortunately I can' t offer a solution for that either. But there is a way to simply switch it off. For my personal taste none is better than too much ... - open the folder 'Effects' in your main default 'FS_X'-folder - you will find 'fx_engsmoke.fx' by scrolling down - make a copy of that file and back it up somewhere within your private documents - disable the file by changing the ending section from 'fx' to 'xfx' (for example) - to re-engage the effect just change the ending section back to 'fx' btw.: forget about 'fx_engsmoke2.fx' - it almost looks the same, not that black as the other one but also way too much (again - for my personal taste). fx_engsmoke2
  9. Nothing but FSX Deluxe + Acceleration Pack + MyTrafficX, together with some other add ons but none of those offers AI traffic. Probably some sort of FSX-type 'Bermuda Triangle'?
  10. On my flight from KSFO to PHNL (between the waypoints Derok and Danka) I encountered something funny: 'ALOHA 473 - climb and maintain FL738 (!!)' and some minutes later 'ALOHA 473, expedite your climb to FL738' Probably there is something wrong within the files? '738' - sounds very similar to B738 ... But according to my files (MyTrafficX 5.1b) there is no B738 ALOHA. I only found ALOHA within the folder B737MX.
  11. Thanks Burkhard! You can take for granted that I won' t keep these layouts for me personally. But first of all I want to make sure that I can add the mentioned military facilities - just to add some cream to the cake. I' ll keep you posted on my work.
  12. ta taaa! AI traffic (MyTraffic) at EKSP, ENRY and ETSL now! The layouts are still in progress. They are also lacking some 'furniture' and I hope that a capable designer will join in to provide some essential military scenery objects - such as a Tacan antenna, ASR and typical NATO-type hardened aircraft shelters. It' s funny somehow - FSX offers jetways, but doesn' t feature shelters. But I' m pretty sure that a huge part of the FSX community is oriented towards military aviation.
  13. Are you sure that it is a strategy :roll: ? Attached: one of the easons why I love your product!
  14. Got it running! Thank you very much for your support! Funny enough - until yesterday I didn' t even know about the existance of 'the tools menu'.
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