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  1. On a real meeting with Sascha Felix we had discussed follow finding together already. Online with FSX and VATSIM , IVAO or Simclubs with own server the FSC shows the flying onlinecolleague nearby as yellow AI-traffic. But the Registrationtag is showing not with real effective aircraft registration. Only a random AI-Callsign is visible. To show the real online effective callsign and type by your flying partner or friends we found out the solution: 1.)in FSX – Options, adjustments, display, traffic the field aircraftsign ( in german Luftfahrzeugbeschriftung) only the first one showing aircraftsign has to be ckecked activ. Uncheck all others in this box inactiv. 2.) Purchase a registration key of FSUIPC 4 by Peter Dowson from Simmarket http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html A FSX/ FSUIPC 4 registrationkey is pricereduced if you have a FS9/ FSUIPC3 version already payed after July 2007. 3.) In FSUIPC4 then in the box “miscellanenous” set “tail” in field “set TCAS id string from”. Then you will see your friends and partner with the correct login callsign. Lothar ( I recommend to pin up this topic)
  2. The new own created product by AEROSOFT, AIRBUS X, has no FMC like PMDG or Level D- Products. It is more a default cokpit for easy and fast handling. Has anyone experience, is that AIRBUS X - Addon connetable with FSC 9.0 Autopilot-Function ?
  3. Hi Volker, Hi Sascha I have updated my AERSOSOFT Version from the AEROSOFT Support Page from 8.4 to 8.5. The intial frontscreen during startup shows the new version 8.5. dated 23.03.09 . But the FSC 8 DataBase Manager frontscreen remains on version 8.4 , dated 11.09.2008 (?) Is there any bug in AERSOFT Installer ? best regards Lothar
  4. Hi Volker, thank you so much for your efforts. I `ll try further adjustments with FSUIPC and FSINN 1.3 / Copilot 1.7 and will report about my trials. best regards Lothar
  5. Hi Volker, I mean that I think there is a bug in FSC and no deficit by VATSIM data feed or FSUIPC. Because its unexplainable why the Multiplayer nearby sometimes in static blue appear, but Multiplayer more remote moving in yellow (?). I solve this problem temporarily by disable the download data function while I`m online with VATSIM. So all the nearby A/C`s moving in yellow as AI-Traffic. For general view using the download data function temporary. Other users using in background for the near traffic FSNAV at the same time for solving that lack. Witch experience you got with IVAO data. Doesn`t exist those lack there ?
  6. Hi Volker and Sascha If `m online on VATSIM, with only FS connected the next VATSIM A/C`s are correct visible as yellow and moving AI-Traffic . But, after function “ downloading current VATSIM Data “ some of this A/C´s still remaing in yellow, but also nearest A/C`s switch over to static blue. While they are nearby. And some A/C`s in remote range instead switch to yellow moving A/C`s. Therefore I mean the traffic limitation range is not correct in FSC. The VATSIM Data feed`s working fine. This trouble caused by FSC-Adjustment. Don`t make a charge against VATSIM Data, what you doing generally in that case. Please check your limitation range. In other respects I like and recommend your tool. Lothar ( also member of german FSCe.V)
  7. Today Pete Dowson has released a new FSUIPC-Version for FS2004. 3.90 see: http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
  8. It looks the new Patch with Build date 09.12.2008 is now available on AEROSOFT upgrade -Forum. Thanks Lothar
  9. Hi Sascha, Hi Volker, The VATSIM data downloading still does`nt work. Another programms like Mickal Roks VROUTE has the same problem with the new data feed from VATSIM. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=35730&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15&sid=425e2b1aaaa3b041ea01bb41af81aca1 I wish you good luck to find a solution. VATSIM flying without FSC is`nt so good.
  10. It seems the error caused by VATSIM Server migration: see the VATSIM Forumm: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=35730 I hope, the reconnection will operate again soon. Lothar
  11. after installing the 8.4.1 patch the download from VATSIM-traffic is impossible. Error file message occur. IVAO traffic works correckt. Please check your patch. Lothar
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