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  1. I rebuild the database with Database Manager and VNLK it shows up at aiport window. But, as I said, the main point is to have a CTD when clicking "Open Approach Window" with this Run-time error 380. Thank you for your help. Regards Schmid
  2. Hi, Otto. No, I'm using the default scenery. My point is less about having a flightplan but to have a CTD when clicking "Open Approach Window" with this Run-time error 380 which I'm supposed not to have. Happy New Year!!! Schmid
  3. Hello, Volker No, there is not a runway at Airport Information window. Using ADE (Airport Design Editor) there is the runway 06/24 with (only) 492,56 meters. Regards Schmid
  4. Good day. First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year! I was trying to save a route - VISR - VNLK (Navaid Plan). As I insert both airports and click Navaid Plan button, the route is correctly shown but when I tried to save it I receive a message: "No flight plan can be saved for airports without runways (VNLK)" I know VNLK is a 'peculiar' airport, so no problems at all, although it has an official runway. I can do it without FSC help. After all this is the first time I ever see this message. The problem is when I click on "Open Approach Window" button. Imediately I receive a message: Run-time Error '380': Invalid property value" and FSC crashes to desktop. Would you please try to reproduce this error and check it? Best regards Schmid Win7-64 FSX Gold + Acceleration Pack FSC 9.2.1 AIRAC 1213
  5. Tony feelThere add ons use default FS Flightplans format. Regards Schmid
  6. Thank you Ian. I'll post on Navigraph forum and ask Richard for some help. Regards Schmid
  7. Hello! 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.60a Registered 3. FS Commander 9.0 Build 16-03-2011 - Database Manager version 9.0 Build 01-01-2011 4. Download version 5. Win XP SP3 6. Navigraph AIRAC 0311 Flying from TNCM to MYEM, on a NAVAID flightplan. When I try to open the Approach Window I get this Laufzeitfehler '6' ├╝berlauf error message, which causes FSC to close when I click ok. Any ideas? Regards Schmid
  8. Thank you Volker for your quick reply. I found out that I have also to turn OFF the INT button. Cheers Schmid
  9. Hi, Sascha und Volker. First of all as per forum rules: 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.60a Registered 3. FS Commander 9.0 Build 01-03-2011 - Database Manager version 9.0 Build 01-01-2011 4. Download version 5. Win XP SP3 I'm flying IVAO's Vintage World Tour and as expected we have to fly vintage propellers. Because of this, no FMC, no Jetways or Fixes to be used. The great oportunity to remember IFR flights by using only radio beams. So here we go with NAVAID Flightplans created by FSC. For some reason it includes fixes - not only VOR and NDB as expected. FSX Flight planner creates only VOR-VOR flight plans easily. For example: I'm flying at this just moment from SLSU to SAME and I had to manually change all flight plan created by FSC-Navaid Plan to introduce only VORs and NDBs. Am I missing something here? Best regards. Schmid
  10. Hello, Sacha I agree with Jack. App function was very useful. By the way, looking at Help it is said: The Approach Window has two graphic and three textual parts. In addition, two list boxes at the bottom allow you to select a runway and an approach for that runway. If no official approach is available for a given runway, a standard approach route will be displayed. So, as you stated, there is no such "standard approach". Could you consider to have it again on a future service pack? Kind regards Schmid
  11. Hello, Joerg. Thank you! It fixed the problem. The next one is how to see the FP on GE. It seems that many other users are having the same problem and I'll post there too. Kind regards Schmid
  12. Hello, Volker. Yes, there is the folder and both hidden and read only boxes are unchecked for that file. Regards Schmid
  13. Hello Volker and Sacha. I have just registered the v9.0 and so I created and saved a flight (SBGL-SBBR)with both SID and STAR included. When I click 'Show Position on Google Earth' I get this error message. Laufzeitfehler '53' Datei nicht gefunden And then FSC closes. I have correctly selected Google Earth folder under Window-Options-Online tab. Also when I save a flightplan with Google Earth format and I'm asked if I want to see the fp at Google Earth nothing happens. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here so I hope you can help me. Best regards Schmid FSX Acceleration pack FSUIPC 4.60a registered FSC9.0 Downloaded from website Win XP SP3
  14. Hi. I'm flying an insteresting helo tour at US Ivao division but I found out that FSC does not allow to save a flightplan if you don't have an airport/runway. As FSC9.0 is under development, can it be considered to include this option, i.e. to allow flightplans to be created from/to helipads? Best regards Schmid
  15. Hi, Volker Crystal clear for me now. Of course! As KATOS do not belong to UB677 it is impossible to follow the WAYPOINT/AIRWAY/WAYPOINT rule... Vaughan: after right clicking to insert the waypoint to flightplan you are not supposed to click 'OK' again. If you do so, FSC will send you to the other side of the world, and that was my problem... :lol: Thank you both! Kind regards Schmid
  16. Hi, Vaughan I may have mispelled my words: I do see KATOS and yes, it does not belong to UB677 as it is a GPS fix, not an intersection. Instead KATOS I chose SOLIM, a few miles ahead and it worked, so no need to create a user defined waypoint. What I'm trying to bring to discussion and, maybe, some kind of fix for FSC8.7 (if there will be one) is that FSC should accept the waypoint added to flightplan. Maybe I'm saying some stupid thing here (my apologies if so) but it seems that intersection has precedence over GPS fix when both have coincident names so although you choose the second one, FSC will disregard this option and set the intersection instead, messing your desired flightplan. Regards Schmid
  17. Hi, Volker I have experienced some problems when trying to change a flightplan under certain circumstances. Let me detail the procedure with an example, which I believe it will be better to understand and reproduce: High altitude flight from SPQU to SELT. Inserting both airports and clicking High Alt Plan I get: SPQU EQU UT220 LAKUN UB677 ASI UV11 LIM UV1 SLS UG426 PAKOK SELT. On the lower box of 'show flightplan' window I try to change the FP to: SPQU KATOS UB677 ASI UV11 LIM UV1 SLS UG426 PAKOK SELT. After introducing KATOS fix and removing UT220 and LAKUN, I click Ok. The FP does not accept this specific KATOS fix because of another with the same name at N28 56 65 - E051 26 48 at 7585NM from the first one. So it changes the FP and moves my second waypoint to this far one, although I still got SPQU KATOS UB677 ASI UV11 LIM UV1 SLS UG426 PAKOK SELT. I expected FSC to accept the specific waypoint I choose so is there a way to correct this problem? Maybe I'm missing something here. Regards Schmid WinXP SP3 FSX SP2 FSC 8.6 + DBM 8.6 downloaded FSUIPC 4.60a registered AIRAC 1004
  18. Hello, Otto and Jean-Jacques. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I could be of some help. Regards Schmid
  19. Volker I edited fsc.ini file including the correct path on both FPPATH09 and FPPATH10 lines - both were blank. Now it is working correctly. For some reason this is not happening automatically as on 8.5 and earlier versions. Regards Schmid
  20. Yes. I agree with you, it is not a BIG problem anyway. But I also have to agree with Tom and that is the reason why I started this thread. It would be perfect if FSC could determine the correct FL for each leg. As a simplified solution, maybe we could change FL in 1000 ft steps. Oh, no! We would miss you very much! :D Best regards Schmid
  21. Thank you Volker I have tried a full uninstall and a reinstall with no success. I have also tried to install under C:\ and no more under C:\Program Files\ - (I'm using WinXP) and the problem remained. Not a big problem. Just unconfortable to have to manually chose FSX flightplan directory at each time. I supposed there would be some way to edit a .ini file or something like that to force to point to correct directory. Best regards Schmid
  22. Hi Volker Until FSC 8.5 on the save/load flightplan menu, as we clicked on 'go directly to FS flightplan directory' button, the first time we choose the directory and since then everytime we clicked the button we went straight to that directory. With 8.6 release, everytime we click the button we have to choose again the FS flightplan directory. Is there a way to correct this issue? Regards Schmid WinXP SP3 FSX SP2 FSC 8.6 + DBM 8.6 downloaded FSUIPC 4.53 unregistered
  23. Volker Thank you for your reply. In fact, similar as what happens in France, as Yvan stated, in Brazil UW11 shall be flown on odd FL. I don't know if it can be considered on a future release but I believe it would be very hard to determine the FL rules for each country. Maybe you can add an option, like a checkbox (just a suggestion). FSC could determine the odd/even FL as it already does and if we 'check' the box we could 'invert' FL. Kind regards Schmid
  24. Hi. I have searched both forum and manual but I have not found any reference about the following situation: Depending on country/FIR the odd/even rules for flight level differ. E.g.: UW11 from SBGL to SBCF is to be flown on even FL but we can only choose odd FL on FSC. As I always save the flightplans to export them to FSX, it is a little bit annoying to have to correct it manually. Not a big problem after all but is there some kind of workaround to correct it? Regards Schmid WinXP SP3 FSX SP2 FSC 8.6 + DBM 8.6 downloaded FSUIPC 4.53 unregistered
  25. Hi, Volker Good news to have alternate airports saved on next release. Just an update - when I save a flightplan in IVAO format it also saves the alternate airport. Best regards Schmid
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