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  1. Hi, this is my first time posting here, and I want to say FSC is undoubtedly the best purchase I ever made for Flight Simulator. Thanks for your help. I was looking through this thread, and am having the same problem. I don't believe anyone is able to make the download because the readme file doesn't specify what file name to list on the options download tab for the weather. If you only put in the URL, it will fail. So, since there is one hour listed for each hour of the day (00-23Z) I'm assuming you'll have to change the name in FSC to reflect the current time manually, unless FSC can change the file name on its own. Otherwise you'll just be getting whatever hour you put in before. For example, if you list 18Z as your file name, at 15Z it would actually be downloading the weather from the previous day. However, I tried doing this from inside FSC and the file was changed from "15Z.txt" to simply "15Z", which does not exist on the FTP. (I'm not sure if this is designed or not) So, I went to look in the FSC.ini file, where it is also being recorded as only "15Z" (ie "WXFILE=22Z"). I'm reluctant to change this as I'm not sure if that is a normal feature, but could this be the issue? It's not really a big deal for me, I mostly use FSC with VATSIM to monitor when I cross into a controller's airspace, and you did a great job getting that fixed quickly. Thanks again, and I hope this helps. Very Respectfully,
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